O$P$ – Ajunied (AHPETC) Town Council vs Bedok, Hougang’ Hawkers/ Stallholders < Episodes 3 – Hawkers Seek Compensation.


Singaporean say : 

If WP had owned up to their honest screw up at the start and apologise and offer to make things right, everything would have been settled then. Instead WP has to try to mislead the public with disingenuous and inaccurate statements.

I hope that the injustice done to the stallholders in the 3 hawker centres can be addressed soon.


Some lessons that can be drawn from the way WP screwed up in discharging their extremely challenging (to WP anyway) responsibility of cleaning hawker centres.

Lesson 1: If you want to give multi-million dollar contracts to a close friend, make sure ‘his’ company can at least do a decent job.
Lesson 2: Don’t try to cover up a mistake with lies.
Lesson 3: More lies are required to shore up earlier lies.
Lesson 4: With enough time, incompetence would become apparent to the public.
Lesson 5: Hawkers aren’t the best group of people to bully, they won’t take your bullshit lying down.


Pritam Singh is insisting no authorised personnel told the hawkers they needed to pay for the scaffolding. He is now saying scaffolding for ceiling cleaning is taken care by the TC, like any other PAP TC, just that it was not due for ceiling cleaning yet for year 2013.

1) Mr Yeo from AHPETC (also from the now infamous FMSS) wrote to the Forum Page stating the scaffolding arrangement was something between the hawker association and the cleaning contractor, and not arranged by the TC; meaning to say, scaffolding arrangement was not taken care of by AHPETC;

2) Mr Tai from AHPETC was highlighted by NEA as the person from the TC who told the hawkers about the need for extra charges; meaning to say, cost for scaffolding arrangement was not absorbed by AHPETC;

3) The hawkers themselves “buay-tahan” and are now stepping forward to say (see post attached) they were clearly told by AHPETC that there is no cleaning above 2.5m; meaning to say, unless someone pays for the scaffolding, never mind if it is dirty, it would not be cleaned.

Now you have it. Either Mr Yeo or Mr Tai or the hawkers lied, or Pritam Singh lied. You judge.


And to think that they were / are still trying to push away the fact that they were responsible- still trying to push the blame to everyone else, simply disappointing but not surprising….


WP should just eat the humble pie and get the cleaning done properly . This is just a small matter but their ego is getting in their way . Just say sorry miscommunication and settle liao


NEA says statement by AHP-Town Council is “misleading and inaccurate” – 01Jun2013 


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