Dealing effectively with guns and drugs for improved public safety (Jamaica) …Singapore is reported as among the safest countries in the world.


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By Owen Ellington ,  Owen Ellington is the commissioner of police.

Excerpt from the article :

I have often heard references made to a visit to Jamaica in the early 1970s by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, first prime minister of independent Singapore and a man referred to as the ‘Father of Singapore.

He came here, we are told, to examine the existing economic development model in the hope of finding best practices to inform his own desire to transform Singapore from what was then a relatively underdeveloped colonial outpost with no natural resources, into a first-world ‘Asian Tiger’.

Today, Singapore, which is just about the size of St James, has a safe and confident population of 5.5 million, with per capita income of US$60,000. Singapore welcomes 10 million tourists per year, and some 60 million passengers pass through its international airport each year, making it the air transport hub of Asia.

The country is also the shipping hub of the region and a major exporter of high-value commodities. Singapore is reported as among the safest countries in the world. The country had 16 murders in 2011, which is just about what Jamaica has in a quiet week. The country is listed at Number 5 on the Global Competitive Index because it has to refuse certain types of investments, especially if they require large land space. The rule of law prevails; there is strong ethical government and a highly efficient and well-resourced police service. A first-world country by any standard.

Excerpt from the article :

In 2000, when American President Bill Clinton visited Colombia, that country was declared a “failed state“.

Security analysts describe a failed state as one in which the state has lost the capacity and the political will to perform basic governance functions, such as efficient revenue collection; assure public security and safety; build and maintain critical public infrastructure; public services such as security, public health, education; enforce the rule of law and exercise sovereign control over the territory.

At the time of President Clinton’s visit, the

  • Colombian Government was in charge of less than one-third of its territory.
  • Drug lords and rebels controlled two-thirds of the country.

Colombia had the highest murder rate in the world with over 60 murders per 100,000 of the population.

Excerpt from the article :

He notes that upon taking office, President Uribe (Colombia) applied a very simple, yet very important concept that the Romans invented —

  • namely, security.
  • Security must be the first law of the republic; otherwise the other laws will not operate effectively.

For President Uribe,

  • security meant that every citizen should be able to go about their business,
  • secure in their possession of their property and their rights.
  • It also meant taking back Colombia from the rebels and drug lords.

In the said speech, President Santos praised Uribe’s stance on security as paving the way for the present Government’s success against terrorism.

Excerpt from the article :

I have visited Singapore and Colombia, seen for myself the progress that has been made in security, stability and economic prosperity. I have interacted with security officials at high levels and I know how well they understand the linkages between the fortunes of their nations and the first priority of public security.


The link to read the full article  : Dealing effectively with guns and drugs for improved public safety


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