Time for change. And for once, I don’t mean the PAP.

repost from Fabrications About The PAP : Edited from an email sent by a netizen

I have never been a big WP fan but for a moment, they offered hope.

It is now clear they are bankrupt of ideas and values. And it isn’t working out too well on the ground either. Now I understand why. The FMSS issue has a real impact on our welfare as we are stuck with them.

But what they do well is play the anger, the underdog and the politics card.

You notice how passionate and effective they are in stirring emotions during elections and whenever they want to politicize?
But when you strip off all that bluster, where is the substance?
When they do offer something, like the paper on Ministerial Pay and Population, it is full of gaps.

They claim that they do not have resources like the Government to come up with better alternatives. Hogwash!
Other parties have offered so much more in ideas and substance.

Ask them on their position on 377A, workers’ rights, housing, healthcare…you notice that you can’t quite pin point what they stand for. That’s because they do not commit themselves to anything.

See how they flip and flop over the foreign worker issue? One moment arguing there are too many, then cozying up to SMEs, then playing to the gallery, then back again.

FMSS is a classic example of politics at play. When they realized that their performance was being called into question, they brought up AIM. Honestly, I didn’t know much about AIM before this. But having read the explanations, even if I don’t fully support the idea, it is not unreasonable. In fact, I would say WP has even been more political with FMSS.

Why am I made to pay more because the Hows want to protect their bottom-line?
They celebrate their empathy by tolerating arrears in payment. Rubbish!
It is poor administration; why am I subsidizing others when I pay promptly? I think we should all stop paying.

I now hear that the cleanliness is an issue because the AHPETC refuses to do some of the work. They blame Government agencies. Come on, if other TCs can do it, why can’t you?!

And now, realising that FMSS did not pan out well, Mr Low through Zaobao begins to play the humble underdog card to regain our sympathy? Government controls all resources – translation: govt got all the FMSS info from the investigation into the AIM matter, and then used that info to bash them, Unfair playing field.

No ambition to become PM?
WP is just acting as a check and balance?
– the whole “WP-is-not-out-to-run-Singapore” thing is simply a trick to garner the votes of those who want to express their displeasure with some of the PAP’s policies but largely want the status quo to continue.

There are those who want a “safe” place to park their votes and to “punish” the PAP for being “complacent” – and WP knowing this, tells them that they have no aspiration to rule.

But like a two-bit, unscrupulous businessperson,

they’ll say anything to get what they want.

They’ll say anything to get 1 more vote.

They’ll pander to every whim and fancy.

They’ll lie and intimidate with their online presence.

They’ll twist the truth and play the victim.

We wanted an alternative. Not some highly paid cheek slapper of a co-driver who cannot offer ideas and who cannot manage the ground.

Time for change. And for once, I don’t mean the PAP.


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