The Workers Party needs to be questioned too, but why Ms Syliva Lim still reluctant to answer questions ( AIM vs FMSS )

The Workers Party needs to be questioned too.

by Fabrications Led by Opposition Parties (FLOP)

The label of “Opposition” does not mean they have immunity from scrutiny. The Workers Party have selected the company FMSS to run their town councils, we would like to ask a few questions.

We felt that their answers in Parliament, are not adequate. They have merely dismissed it by calling for CPIB to probe, but what they’re doing is not criminally wrong, it is more a question of trust than anything else.

After all, there is a high chance of them running this country by 2016, it is not too much to ask a few questions in the name of responsibility and accountability.

– Why did you award a $5m contract to FMSS without a tender?

– Why was FMSS setup only 4 days after WP won Aljunied GRC?

– Why was it setup by a husband and wife team whom are assentors and proposers for the Worker’s Party team during an election?

– Why did WP’s FMSS charge 20% more than the previous managing agent?

– Did WP exercise due diligence when they awarded two contracts worth over $21m to the same company?

The first answer by Sylvia Lim was that she was “not sure” about the rates. How could a Party Chairman not know these facts?

– Lim then blamed the rate increase on “inflation”. Does inflation then only occur in Opposition wards?

– After pressure to clarify, Lim presented a bunch of numbers that led to $1m missing from WP accounting

Any replies would be nice 🙂


Did you know…?
Photo: Did you know...?
by Fabrications Led by Opposition Parties (FLOP)


by Fabrications About The PAP


The National Development Ministry has responded to today’s statement from Ms Sylvia Lim, Chairman of the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council.

Ms Lim, who’s also chairman of The Workers’ Party had said AHTC was puzzled by the MND’s assertion that its Managing Agent rate per unit was 20 percent higher than that under the former agent for the PAP-run Aljunied Town Council.

MND says, that under its method of computation, which is consistently applied to all town councils….

the AHTC Managing Agent contract is 16 million 752 thousand 314 dollars for the 3-year contract, or 465 thousand 342 dollars per month.

This works out to $8.04 per unit, when the amount is divided by the number of residential and commercial property units managed by AHTC.

And it is higher than the rate for Aljunied TC in the past, and even higher when compared to the 2012 Financial Year MA rate for Tampines TC which is of a similar size.

MND says, the rates were computed based on the same method, and on data declared by the town councils to HDB.

MND also notes that in its statement last night, Aljunied Hougang Punggol East Town Council stated that their FY 2012 MA per unit rate is $7.01.

But this has been amended to $7.58 in its statement today.

At $7.58 per unit per month, MND says the Managing Agent contract value for 3 years would only be 15 million 799 thousand 479 dollars.

This is nearly 1 million dollars less than the amount declared by the HDB.

MND ended the statement by asking where the missing 1 million dollars are.


 image by Fabrications About The PAP


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