Singaporean says. Why is Ms Lim reluctant to answer questions? What is she afraid of? (AIM vs FMSS)

Time for managing agent to come clean – ST Forum – 18 May 2013

WHEN Workers’ Party (WP) chairman Sylvia Lim brought up the Action Information Management issue last year, she surely expected the People’s Action Party and the Government to come clean on the matter.

And they did come clean, first with a comprehensive report by the National Development Ministry and then the debate in Parliament on Monday (“Khaw: Town councils political by nature”; Tuesday).

In fact, it was revealed that the WP-appointed managing agent, in the form of husband-and-wife company FM Solutions and Services, was set up just four days after the WP won Aljunied GRC in the 2011 General Election.

Just who are this couple? Shouldn’t they speak up for themselves in the face of so much public discussion?

Perhaps it is time for Ms Lim to call a press conference and introduce the couple to the public, and let them answer all the burning questions that have been raised in the media and, most importantly, come clean, like what the Government did in Parliament earlier this week.

Accountability and transparency have to work both ways – not just for the government of the day but also for the opposition parties.

S. Ramamirtham


Singaporean says :

I think we have all been led further and further away from the original issue.

The original issue is that WP run TC has been issued with a poor rating report and WP refuse to just admit they did not ensure a smooth take over from the PAP. I believe if they just admit that mistake right from the beginning, their supporters will still support them since their are a smaller political party as compared to the PAP who has more resources.

However, instead of just admitting mistake, they have chosen to play the victim card and throw smoke bomb.

Now it becomes a total waste of parliament time and public resources. They have turn Singapore political scene to that similar of Taiwan where politicians are more interested to focus on petty and trivial stuffs instead of focusing on policies to run Singapore better.


Singaporean says :

I only have two points of contention.

1) When the people running the thing were your proposer and assentor, they’re definitely affiliated. May not have run, may not be part of the party, but it’s affiliation. Anyone who follows politics anywhere else knows what I’m talking about.

2)The paid up capital amount is in and of itself a non-issue, considering the backing behind it. If FMSS was a $2 company but could still provide all that needed to be provided, who cares? I know how it looks, but the paid up capital is not the total capital. Nah –

The biggest(only?) issue is the last point, the TC software being owned by them and the one month termination clause.

And that last para? Aiyah, the minister and all are not saying WP is in the wrong. What they’re saying is that if WP thinks PAP is in the wrong, then WP how? And a lot of issues are very similar. 

SO FOCUS ON THE ISSUE. Was the insertion of that clause to sabo any of the other parties should they win the GRC, or not?


Singaporean says :

Here’s an interesting theory.

A)If WP thought there was something illegal about the AIM transaction, whether or not the FMSS transaction was legit, they would have thought it wasn’t. They would have thought they were doing something wrong with their own transaction. And did it anyway. They were willing to sneakily get their close friends and supporters and employees the TC the contract. 

Unless B)of course. You assume that they knew the aim transaction was legit, hence theirs would be ok too, and so just knowingly blew smoke up everyone arse about something that they knew to be breaking no laws, in order to get out of the red banding news.

You can’t in fact have it any other way other than A or B.

They either knew aim was fine which was why they did the same. Or they thought it was not legit, and went ahead with something they thought wasn’t legit and just tried to cover their tracks by fudging how close to the the owners are to them.

Oh and before anyone throws nonsense about $2 companies they might like to remember that png eng huat is a $2 company.


Singaporean says :

Let’s talk about facts. FMSS formed just 4 days after Alj was won. Slyvia said it is because all other company are doing PAP tc so she think no one will dare tender WP.

How does she know? You mean 4 days, she one day go ask one company and then they tell her this ah? 4 days leh my friend. wahhh. So fast one ah? 4 weeks I believe, 1 week ask one Company. 4 days form Fmss.

You think voters are children ah? Voters are children in your eyes? Now… In our hearts, including WP MP’s heart, we all know the OBVIOUS.



Singaporean says :

Its quite interesting to see how their supporters find all means to defend in this matter….

Back in last GE, when PAP understand they did not heard their people enough, what did they do? They apologise, move on and improved in their policies.

And now its merely a poor performance in town management, WP deny, accused and use punk like style to handle the matter.

If only they say “we will improve or we will do better next time”. They could have put time into better use.



Singaporean says :

People who voted for them are at losing end?? I beg to differ!

We all repent together with these people who voted for them, cos our parliamentarians are wasting precious parliamentary time, and resources to talk endlessly about this matter, where the important thing now is really focus on the economy and jobs.

Everywhere else in the world, people are splitting their heads on how to create more jobs for the high percentage of unemployed.

But here, we are like circus , all of us eating pop corn!

The level of complacency, taking things for granted is disgusting.

Yes , we all in Singapore should repent!!


Singaporean says :

I am pretty sure that everyone of you have been in the know about the whole debacle around Town Council Management. All thanks to our WP friends in parliament, a number of things have come to light about the way Town Council’s being managed.

As a ordinary citizen who pays the monthly dues to the Town Council, I have a vested interest in how the TCs are being managed. So asmuch as WP is trying to be the “citizen’s hero” in trying to ruffle the feathers of the powers to be, it would also pay for them to pay attention on whats happening in their own back yard and come clean to the people. 

Enter FMSS.

In Parliament recently, Minister Khaw asked Sylvia Lim on how she would “characterise the FMSS transactions and if public interest has been protected”. Ms Lim has not answered these queries.

The award of contracts expected to be worth $26 million by the Workers’ Party (WP) run Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) to long time supporters and close business associates of WP, through FM Solutions and Services Pte Ltd (FMSS), raises serious questions about public interest and transparency.

FMSS was set up on the 15 May 2011 – just 4 days after WP won Aljunied GRC on 11 May 2011. One, Mr Danny Loh and Ms How Weng Fan (who are husband and wife) own FMSS who incidentally happen to be the Assentor and Proposer for the WP team of candidates who contested in Ang Mo Kio GRC in 2006 General Election. They were clearly close and trusted supporters of the WP.

It is also important to note that How and Loh are also Secretary and Deputy Secretary/General Manager respectively of AHTC. (so how does this work, I supply materials and services to a public entity and I sit in the organisation as officials as well – mama says that does not sound right!)

Here are the supposed list of transactions that have taken place between AHTC and FMSS:

1) One 15 July 2011, a $5.2 million contract to FMSS without calling a tender.

2) In August 2012, another contract worth $16.8 million to FMSS to manage AHTC. This time AHTC called a tender, and FMSS submitted the only bid.

3) In 2012, FMSS was awarded another contract for the Essential Maintenance Services Unit to, worth $3.9 million.

In total, AHTC has awarded $25.9 million worth of contracts to FMSS.

Here the best part! FMSS charged AHTC $7.87 per property unit in July 2011 to be its Managing Agent (MA). This was 20% higher than the rate charged by the previous Managing Agent ($6.51 per unit per month) before the GE. In the August 2012 tender, FMSS increased the unit rate to $8.04. This is more than 50% higher than the unit rate ($4.99 in 2012) paid by Tampines TC, a comparable-sized estate, to its managing agent.

At this point, I can only laugh at my fellow residents of AH and myself. Coz we voted for a bunch of heros but sounds like we got a bunch of jabronees.

Coz when asked in parliement, Ms Sylvia Lim, who is the Chairman of AHTC, said she is not sure about the unit rates that AHTC paid to FMSS!!?!! (Err…shouldnt the chairperson know?)

And so the debate begins – clarifications, accusations, more clarifications and finally acting blur. One fails to realise that at the end of it all, its the people who voted for them, who are on the losing end of the deal.


Singaporean says :

There is a saying” 见好就收不要太过份” WP always use the tactics of stirring our Singaporean anger against the PAP and shoot, WP had been doing that and getting support smoothly for many years they thought that is a sure work technique

so WP please don’t go too over board after all you are Singaporean too don’t abuse the trust of your fellow Singaporean that support your party.


images from “Photos of Squeaky”


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