This is something the PAP government is desperately trying to land their hands on!


Which for now is in the hands of WORKERS PARTY!


Oppositions sympathizers put up half truth and misconstrued messages with only one intention in mind – to deliberate breed cynicism among our citizens. 

Any mistakes or loopholes or accidental slip of tongue, would be exploited at length so as to exact maximum damage, embarrassments to the incumbent. 

People that scored political points using such antics are usually the one who are hopeless at governing but crave for the office. They are only good at making settled murky water more murky by stirring the sediments. Hardly they debate robustly at policies, instead harping on the beholden idea of “free-speech”.

As if if when a society is “blessed with free-speech and human rights” then all problems would miraculously go away! 

Elect people that want to better our country not those that are only good at buttering your ego and adding fumes to your whatever current peeves are.

by WH


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