FMSS vs AIM – Sylvia Lim’s …… logic

quote from the net :
” To complain about someone awarding a contract to a single tender, only for it to come out that you did the same thing….is embarrassing.”

Source from Fabrications About The PAP :

overheard: [[Consider this: Almost immediately after winning the ward of Aljunied, the Workers Party’s town council AHTC employed a new managing agent without a tender. The managing agent is FM Solutions (FMSS).

What is even more peculiar is how Ms Sylvia Lim, the incoming MP for Aljunied and concurrently the chairman of AHTC, defends this decision. She alleges “the decision to award FMSS the contract without calling for a tender was due to the deadline set by the Ministry of National Development”.

Ms Sylvia Lim: “AHTC determined that the best course of action was not to call a tender for managing agent services for the transitional period, as there was insufficient time.”

That’s bizarre logic there, Sherlock! If there’s a deadline that the town council can’t meet, the most obvious thing to do is to retain the old managing agent temporarily for a year – not replacing the incumbent with a new managing agent!

What’s even more bizarre is how the managing agent was formed and registered with ACRA only just – on 15 May 2011, to be precise. Yes, AHTC terminated the ongoing incumbent whose contract was still in existence so they could hire a managing agent that is literally brand new.

According to ACRA reports, this entity was formed with a paid up capital of $500,000 for the expressed sole purpose of providing town council services. FMSS is so certain they will land a contract with a town council? Which other town councils has it tender for?

In fact, Sylvia’s logic is even more warped if you take into account the fact that AHTC did have the time anyway to call for a tender for four other contracts on 17 June, barely weeks after winning the ward. And again, it made this decision over the option of holding on to its existing contractors temporarily for a year. Yes, AHTC had so little time that it found the time to call for a tender for everything but a managing agent in this Classifieds ad.]]



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