FMSS vs AIM. Pot Calling The Kettle Black.

Comments from the net :

-> More like: The pot, while acting to be clean, call the kettle black!

-> The pot scolded the kettle harshly and got everyone to make fun of the kettle being black, while they themselves were, ahem, also just as black… So bad…

->Why say others until so bad when they themselves were sama sama? All along they were doing the same thing, yet they pointed fingers, and kept their own situation under wraps? They have lost their moral bearings…

-> I don’t care if FMSS is formed by former Hougang TC employee or AIM is formed by former PAP blah blah blah, I care that Ms S Lim has no thought process and cannot be congruent!
Either she is too dump to see the connection or she is too wicked to play politics, either way I dislike people like this.
Our country doesn’t not need oppositions who do not love us! Period!

Delivering a fierce rebuttal to WP MPs, Mr Khaw said if such transactions were to be banned, then his ministry would also have to ban transactions with companies owned by former party members and party supporters – as is the case with FMSS.He spoke in detail about the circumstances surrounding the appointment of FMSS by the WP.

The company was formed by former Hougang Town Council employee Ms How Weng Fan and her husbandMr Danny Loh, a long-time contractor of services to that town council.

He said the couple are WP supporters who acted as assentor and proposer for the WP’s team of candidates for Ang Mo Kio GRC in the 2006 general election.Mr Khaw also noted that FMSS was awarded several contracts by AHTC. “When we talk about public interest, how would Ms Sylvia Lim characterise the FMSS transactions?…

Would she take the position that contracts given to close party associates be prohibited?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Non-Constituency MP Mrs Lina Chiam of the Singapore People’s Party (SPP) was appointed Potong Pasir Town Council secretary in 2010 and paid a monthly salary, he said.

Mr Khaw said his ministry did not interfere in any of these transactions as it applies the “same fair consistent approach applied to all political parties, whether PAP, WP or SPP.

-> Reading various comments regarding FMSS, I saw one guy arguing that FMSS is just a local company trying to earn a living and by having a paid up capital of $500k vs AIM’s $2 paid up, his comments pointed that AIM is fishy while FMSS is NOT though it is proven to be set up just 4 days after the election by a pair of WP supporters and awarded the contract without tender!


I am happy to have some kind of democracy.

But this kind???

Giving the same one vote to people like this will cost us our future!!

WP is empowering people like this?



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