Very very bad sign of things to come : gangsterism. Mr Li YeMing faces harassment.

* Ariticle is about Mr Lee’s resignation from the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Assn due to harrassment calls and emails the clan received with regards to Mr Lee.*

Comments from the net :

  • <记者也尝试联络工人党,但工人当没有对此做出回复>
    It was an exchange between WP’s Party Mr Low and Mr Lee.
    Now that Mr Lee has been harassed, why did WP not have anything to say?
    It doesn’t matter if the harrassment come from WP’s supporters or not, but the fact that WP’s chief is involved, shouldn’t he speak up against such gangsterism?
    Is he condoning such act? 难道这真的就是所谓的 ”借刀杀人“? 若WP真的有朝一日成为我国的领袖,我们岂不成为流氓之国?太可怕了!
  • This is consistent to how WP’s supporters behaved during Elections period – ie – threatening other candidates. Nothing new really.
  • Very very bad sign of things to come.  Extremists called up association n harass staff. I worry about Singapore n my children when WP comes to power, with all these thugs behind them. What must WP do to ‘repay’ them ?
  • repost from Fabrications About The PAP
    After voicing his personal opinion in a letter criticizing The Workers’ Party MP’s Low Thia Khiang’s anti-immigrant speech, Mr Li YeMing faces harassment. A page was set up calling for Mr Li, a new citizen, to be deported. the clan association received numerous harassing phone call and email. Thus, Mr Li has tendered his resignation.

    Now I fear for myself, I have expressed on numerous occasion my disagreement with the WP’s position. When will these hooligans be sent to come after me? 

    This is what Mr Li predicted in this 2nd letter to zaobao a few days ago: “在工人党接连打胜多场选战后,作为国会第一大反对党,可说是气势如虹。今时今日,我写一篇批评工人党和刘程强的文章,都会引来朋友们的关切:“不会惹上麻烦吧?” 原本我想,他们是不是有点“危言耸听”了。现在才知道,他们的担心不是没有道理。刘先生把我定性为“想致工人党于死地”,应该是在煽动支持者对我的不满。可是这场讨论,有必要用这种煽动悲情的手段吗?”

    “Having won a series of election campaign, and becoming the largest opposition in the Parliament, the Workers’ Party is now the darling of the day.
    Many concerned friends have even asked me, “Would you get into any trouble?” for me to write something criticising the Workers’ Party and Low TK’s article at this point in time.
    I originally wondered if my friends were unnecessarily “frightened”. But now I realised their concern is not without basis.
    For Mr. Low to characterise me as “wanting to cause the Workers Party to die/death”, I suspect he is trying to incite discontentment among his supporters on me. Does he need to resort to inciting tragic, on this discussion between us? “

One comment on “Very very bad sign of things to come : gangsterism. Mr Li YeMing faces harassment.

  1. nex says:

    The legend of Singapore being a safe place is about to fall.

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