What the hell are the people at Hong Lim protesting about?

What the hell are the people at Hong Lim protesting about?

Is it because they are unemployed ? – Quite unlikely given our unemployment rates was last recorded at 1.8%,

Are they starving? – Quite unlikely since if they have jobs they’ll be able to afford to feed themselves.

Are they homeless ? – Certainly not the government’s policy ensures that every Singaporean will have a shelter over their heads whether they own it or not.

So what the hell are these people, who own Iphones, Macbooks, designer clothes etc etc protesting about?

How have the foreigners so aggrieved them – because they speak different, because they smell different, because they look different? Isn’t that racism or is it because foreigners earn more and live more comfortably?

It’s a sad day when Singaporeans feel so inadequate about themselves and threatened that they have to tell people who are afforded more material benefits to get out of the country.

by Daniel 


Comments from the net :

  • just look at the various war-paint banners, the slogans, and their accompanying cries, its just partisan politics under the guise of catchphrase of “Say no to 6.9 mil”. Seductive distortion of the truth behind the amended motion of the White Paper. 
    Having said that, sadly the establishment had erred in the public relationship presentations of the White paper leading to the opportunities for the exploiters.
  • Why is GG not working ?    ” GG –  Gilbert Goh, who was the organizer”
  • Siew Kum Hong posted this on his facebook: I’ve been waiting for him to write something like this, because this is not the first time. This is one of the main reasons why I will not be at Hong Lim tomorrow. I’d take 2 million more foreigners than one more Gilbert Goh.
    I know of at least one white guy (PR married to Singaporean) who said he was going to go. He might want to re-think who he wants to support….
    The speakers at tomorrow’s event might be regretting their decision right about now.
  • PR failures repeatedly in the recent era strongly suggest that the incumbent needs to buck-up so as to manage the situation better, rather than continue the persistent “complacency” status.
  • Intentions of white paper are good. How it is being delivered, debated and concluded was a total PR disaster.
  • How many of those there are at the bottom 20%? Pretty sure most of them are somewhere in the middle. Does it mean that just because we are in the middle and not “poor”, we shouldn’t do something about it?

    NO. We should still try to help those poorer (by uncontrollable circumstances) than us to achieve a better life. How many of those have fallen through the cracks? How many barely managed to survive? How many are going to sleep hungry out in the streets? Not that many. We should help those folks, bearing in mind that we are much better off than them. NOT because there are those much better than US.

    Remember this, the demographic is such that there will FOREVER be a bottom 20% and top 20%. A millionaire will always be the poorest if he is surrounded by billionaires.
  • they are not there to help. let alone the poor. they are there to party!
  • They will get even more bolder after this. More protests. More demonstrations. More nonsense. And we cant stop them. People will be swayed. Caught up in the frenzy till they wont know why they are there in the 1st place. Singapore will go down, destroyed by her own citizens not because of starvation, deprivation or inequality but because of affluence and the jealousy of others who are perceived more equal than you.
  • <Certainly not the government’s policy ensures that every Singaporean will have a shelter over their heads whether they own it or not>
    Pardon me, but I do think that the govt’s policy has to ensure (& IMHO, it already is) that everyone has a shelter over their head – whether they own it or not.
    Even those who are homeless, they should have a temporary shelter to go to while they work out their personal issues.
  • That is what happens when big crowds gather. People feeding off each other’s behavior, getting louder, rowdier, more prone to external stimuli.
    That is how many many “peaceful demonstrations” turn into riots. All it takes is a few insiders planted among the crowds to get it going. It is also seen at concerts, SOME mega church services, MLM product launches, even property agent seminars.
    Many names have been use for this, including mob effect, mass hysteria.
  • They are pushing the boundaries now – and doing so with everything they’ve got! Once they see they can get away with such shenanigans with impunity, more daring ‘exploits’ will follow. And protests will become – do I dare say it – very much ‘in vogue’.

Photo: Reuters

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