Today is 2030. Did you regret what you did in 2016?

by W Ho


Suddenly at this age, out of blue, one can be philosopher, engineer, scientist, doctor, lawyer, politician and sage, all roll into one!

Then I remember, we are also at a cyber age whereby we can hide our insignificant true self behind a big online persona created to distort and intimidate, breed contemptuous community, and bring the system down to our knees!

Then when the alarm clock goes off, we wake up to brush our teeth, sardine packed into buses and MRT, get rattled on by bosses in office, same chap-cai for lunch, harbouring our chance to change the world in our next blog update, or Singapore at least!

Count the “likes” and “shares” on our Facebook. Get into delusional debates with other heroes wannabes to change the world! Celebrate the wins of the co-driver-never-mind-what-he-said, or never mind if they plagiarised their work!

Then when you punch that familiar numbers on a Cash-on-line, you realised you do not have enough for the next meal.

The economy had slowed down, investors had left the country, empty malls met the fate of many mega-shopping-centres.

Lamp posts filled with jigsaw pieces that never seem to fit together!

Notices of empty bedrooms for rent, graduate looping for jobs and heck a sleazy “boyfriend for rent by SleepyRoti”

Did you actually read the content of the white paper at all? Is 6.9 all that is in your mind?

Today is 2030. Did you regret what you did in 2016?



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