PAP, dare you stop spinning economic miracles just for a decade….

The people, especially the middle and lower classes had been the sufferers of this rapid economic miracles.

Proposing a population increase or planting matures fruit bearing trees would sustain the miracles but for how long more can the middle and low classes beat the brunt of the economic hit?

It’s not political suicidal for PAP to propose a population white paper. It would be even more bold if PAP hit the brakes and allow the rest to catch up with the nation as a whole. This is truly more political suicidal! But it would not end PAP’s political career, but it would perhaps leave a mark on PAP’s economic management. However, it would give the people much needed breather and the political will to believe PAP really has their interest in mind.

We had went against many declining economic cycles by forcefully injecting the economy with pupil action that prop up the economy. Perhaps we need just one time, or letting it go, to allow OUR economy and people self correct themselves.

It had always been a fast march for the Singapore battalion. Can we take a breather? Allow the property prices to slight a bit, allow the MRT to space out a bit, allow the COE to drop many many bits!

PAP, dare you stop spinning economic miracles just for a decade, and allow the people some breather? Honestly, I think PAP has only up to 2016 to decide.

Please spare Singapore from falling into “I don’t know what on earth is going on! Workers Party”.



“There’s nothing inherently wrong with the white paper in all technicality and forecasting. Except that the white paper is buttressed with PAP’s obsession with budget surplus and economic growth.

And it’s precisely the need to protect these numbers that the white paper was birthed. However the problems are not whether PAP would pull the handbrake and go slow, it is whether the people can accept a slower rate of economic growth, a slightly higher unemployment rate, a stagnant or negative economy?

Government in most countries were elected and often mandated to largely manage the economy.

Whether PAP steam roll the white paper or slow down the economy, it would lose votes either ways. Maybe latter more palatable perhaps. And herein lies the problem with PAP, they do not take collateral damages to their deemed ability to govern meticulously and efficiently.


by Wilson H


source : from one of the  facebook page


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