The Great White Paper Debate (Singapore) – what are they opposing again ?

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Fabrications Led by Opposition Parties (FLOP)


Comments  from the Net :

    • 6.9 million was never a population target. It has always been a planning target for infrastructure. DPM had already stressed this in a townhall dialogue on 9 Oct 2012. Quote: Let me stress that these are planning parameters for infrastructure and land planning, and not a population target. It does not mean that Singapore will go for a population of that size.The problem is that without proper planning, there will be crowding leading to a poorer living environment. So it is better to plan early, so that Singapore can continue to be developed in a well-planned way with good living environment.”Link :Opening Addressby DPM Teo Chee Hean at the “Our Population, Our Future” Townhall Dialogue on 9 October 2012
  • I was right! WP Sylvia Lim is essentially saying the same and singing the same tune as PAP’s white paper.
    She is just saying “LESS OF THE SAME”
    So that’s what we vote in the oppositions for? To sing sang sung the same tune as PAP but with a footnote just “less of the same”.
    For that you get $16,000 MP allowance and popular support!
  • Best job around is be opposition MP
  • WORD-ART! Artistic sia…

    -RESIDENT workforce Vs OVERALL workforce
    -POTENTIAL…in senior citizen Vs RAISE RETIREMENT age
    -estimate…ACHIEVABLE…5.9mil Vs 6.9mil

    My dear PAP,
    why u never mentioned RESIDENT?
    Why u never acknowledge our elderly as useful resources?
    Why u so act smart go prepare for WORST-cases cenario of 6.9mil when whole kampong assume u WANT 6.9mil?
    Just stick to your average projection of >6.5mil can liao la..
    Why huh? why huh?? why huh???

    See, now people SUGAR-COAT your ideas, repackaged & sell like hotcakes! see the pathetic u!
    CNY coming.. dun make people kbkp u during gathering la. Next time just make short term mild-mild projection ok?

    Remember, without 5 year plan, people can also take down your Aljunied. Pls hor.. plan >5 years can le! No need to be so RESPONSIBLE. Start to LEARN to play politics la!


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