Keep religion and politics separate

ARCHBISHOP Nicholas Chia has shown leadership as the head of the Catholic Church (“Group seeking to use church for political aims: Govt”; yesterday).

Catholics must rally round to support him and not let organisations or individuals show a lack of propriety towards him.

The Archbishop has every right to decide on his actions.

I am encouraged by his affirmation that religion and politics should be, and will be, kept separate.

As a Catholic, I will always accept the Archbishop’s decree on the Church’s teachings, even if I may not be comfortable with it.

But no religious leader can claim to represent the political views of his flock.

We all have diverse views and support different political groups; it does not matter what political orientation the Archbishop or any religious leader has.

It is only wrong when they take it to the pulpit or claim that it represents the political views of their followers.

As a Catholic, my view of my beloved Church is that we must close ranks, and not let the Church be hijacked for political motives.

Gerard Ee Hock Kim

Sep 22, 2012, theSundaytimes
Source : Keep religion and politics separate


Received this in a email:

There is much talk about the exchange between Blogger’s Alex Au and the Archbishop.

Who is Alex Au?

Alex works in TWC2 and was an election agent for SDP. He advocates gay rights in Singapore.

Alex freely admits that he was very happy when Govt got the Anglican bishop to back off in Aware case. He welcomes it when the church and the govt come into conflict so long as it benefits his pro-gay agenda. In the Function 8 and Maruah case, he is unhappy that there was no conflict between church and the govt. So he leaks a deliberately distorted version of what happened to create conflict between church and state. Function 8, Maruah and Alex Au are clearly keen on instigating this. 

Reading Alex’s posts, it’s all fun and games. Showing off his intellect, he doesn’t care about what happens to our multi-religious society like Singapore. He only cares about his views, gay rights and his foreign workers. There are those who put him up on a pedestal. Refer to the following link:

Some of his supporters inlcude:
Siew Kum Hong (Vice-President of Maruah, TOC),
Vincent Wijeysingha (SDP),
Braema Mathi (President MARUAH),
Jeanette Chong Aruldross (NSP),
Martyn See (SDP),
Jolovan Wham,
William Yap (ex-isa detainee, F8)
Ravi Philemon (ex TOC Chief Editor),
Alfian Sa’at

Alex Au, Maruah and Function 8 members betrayed the trust and distorted the words of a 74 year old man who has given his entire life to the service of God and man.

These are the people shaping the minds of our young Singaporeans. These are the people who want a change in Singapore? What change is this – a change that benefits them or a change that benefits Singaporeans. Do we stand by and do nothing?

shared from Fabrications About The PAP


Vincent Cheng is now vice chairman of SDP and Associate Member of the group Function 8.

Overthrowing the government by agitating the masses, creating turmoil and creating instability. Is this still the hidden agenda? Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) the expert in selling the politics of resentment.

Article :  10 June 1987, The Straits Times : Vincent Cheng: What I Did for Wah Piow

The Straits Times, 10 June 1987

Singaporeans last night heard Vincent Cheng describe Tan Wah Piow’s plan to overthrow the Government in 10 to 15 years’ time – and his pivotal role in the plot.The plan was ‘a sensible strategy for Singapore’, said Cheng, the key person in the Marxist plot uncovered bythe Government two weeks ago.He also admitted in his interview with four journalists telecast over Channel 5 that:
  • He and Tan shared the ultimate goal of establishing ‘a classless society’ in Singapore.
  • Their strategy was to establish a broad base of groups to oppose the Government, using violent means ‘if peaceful means don’t workout’.
  • He used the Church because it provided ‘ready cover’ for his activities and goals.

Cheng said that Tan, who fled Singapore in 1976 after evading national service, suggested the use of ‘united front’ tactics when the two met in London in 1981.These were tactics used by the Communist Party of Malaya in the 1950s and 1960s, where abroad base of grassroots organisations was formed to mount pressure on the Government through demonstrations, strikes and riots.

Cheng said the strategy was aimed
  • at ‘confronting the Government,
  • creating turmoil in the country,
  • agitating the masses,
  • so that in creating instability,
  • the government of the day can be overthrown’.

He thought that Tan was a person who would achieve his aim of overthrowing the Government,using violent means ‘if peaceful means don’t workout’.He revealed that Tan said the time would be ‘quite mature’ when the Prime Minister was ‘out of the scene’. Tan foresaw that the second echelon leadership wold make ‘political blunders and mistakes’


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