Google asked to block online access to anti-Islam video

SINGAPORE: Singapore has called on Google to block an anti-Islam film on YouTube.

The Home Affairs Ministry said the film “Innocence of Muslims” contains material that incites religious hatred or intolerance, and is in breach of Singapore laws.

Protests by Muslims over the obscure amateur anti-Islam film are intensifying around the world.

More than a dozen people have been killed in a span of two weeks, including the US Ambassador in Libya.

Google has blocked access to the video in several countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia and India, after calls from their governments to take the film offline.

Singapore is making a similar move. Although there have been no protests in the country, authorities said it is a pre-emptive measure to prevent any violent incidents from taking place.

The Home Affairs Ministry said the continued circulation of the film may cause disharmony or feelings of ill will between different groups in Singapore.

It added that any act that does this is an offence under the Penal Code.

The Inter-Religious Organisation of Singapore supports the move to block the video.

“Our religious followers in Singapore are rational and will not resort to violence. We also hope that Singaporeans who watch the film will not repost or make unnecessary comments on it,” said Honorary Secretary Master Wei Yi from the Inter-Religious Organisation of Singapore.

The Media Development Authority has directed Google to restrict access to the video in Singapore.

Google, which owns YouTube, is currently considering Singapore’s request.

The video was first posted online on July 1. Its maker is believed to be in hiding.

– CNA/cc

(AFP - Joel Saget)

Source : Google asked to block online access to anti-Islam video


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