An open letter to the close minded people – by Fabrications Led by Opposition Parties (FLOP)

Look. We know. We agree. It’s a stupid name. FLOP. (our Facebook page, Fabrications Led by Opposition Parties)

We hear you, we hear you… “wah lau, not another four letter acronym“?!?!

We tried. We really did try. But we’re Singaporeans and acronyms are in our BLOOD (Basic Linguistics Objective-Operations Deficiency)

But let’s be clear – we’re not really against opposition parties. (Because, hey….we need them right? For some reason…SOME reason…. we don’t know what yet…but we need them! You don’t argue!) At the rate things are going, the incumbent today will become the opposition in 2016!  No, no… we’re just jackass annoyed at the proliferation of close-minded sites, (you know who they are, we don’t need to advertise them).

Take for example this famous phrase by Mr. Lee (senior):

“If you can select a population and they’re educated and they’re properly brought up, then you don’t have to use too much of the stick because they would already have been trained. It’s like with dogs.”

What they don’t tell you is the rest of the paragraph:

“No, we are not that kind of society. We had to train adult dogs who even today deliberately urinate in the lifts.” (it is 2012 today and people still pee in lifts)

This is a man, who grew up in a Singapore that is a world apart from the Singapore you know today. In the beginnings, he had to live in a house behind a thick brick wall because there was danger of drive by shootings. What do you expect, he gives hugs and roses to his political enemies?

Yet this phrase has been repeated over and over again, people actually thought he was treating Singaporeans like dogs! You really think that the incumbent politicians get a kick out of pissing their electorate off?

What other lies do they spread?

– We’re a dictatorship (Get ready to have your HDBs bulldozed down on a whim. Censorship will be back on the internet. If you could afford internet. moo hoo ha ha.)

– You shouldn’t be paying taxes (Because we’re SINGPOREANS *bangs table*, and taxes are un-constitutional!)

– You shouldn’t be working (Because we’re SINGPOREANS *bangs table*, we’re living in a rich country and we should be fed even if we don’t want to work!)

– Singapore has legions of cardboard collecting grannies (Where do you think the cardboard boxes magically disappear to, cardboard fairies?)

– All of our grandparents have to be cleaners until they die (and when they do so, it is with bitter open eyes, hands clenching a mop, uttering the words “v..o..t…e…….OUT…” as they go)

Please lah, i’ll bet you they must be producing these sites as they sip their Bloody Marys at the top of Marina Bay Sands.

And then they label you.

They will label you with one of the 3 titles:

1.) PAP dog

2.) Carry balls

3.) Self serving

Seriously – if you’re a PAP, Government or Singapore supporter, and you’ve never been called one of these names: you’ve not been speaking up for your country enough! Collect all 3, you may win a prize!

Remember when Singapore was batshit poor?

We don’t either.

But we don’t really want to find out what it’s like. At the rate that these Guy Fawkes wannabes are criticising and tearing down our system, I don’t think there’s going to be much industry left when these groups take over.

  • We don’t believe in blind democracy, we believe in a thinking democracy.

It is silly to adhere blindly to textbook ideals when the business of governance has much to do with people, and people do not work like robots.

Ok, enough ranting – but do like the page. See both sides of the story. And then decide for yourself what’s lemon and what’s not.

We hope we’ll still be around when Low Thia Kiang becomes your Prime Minister.

Fabrications Led by Opposition Parties (FLOP) Fabrications Led by Opposition Parties (FLOP)


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