Why some of us, so small minded and ungracious, so eager to put down our country ?


Queenstown visit was an exhibition

Posted on Sep 13, 2012, By Tessa Wong

Tanjong Pagar GRC MP Indranee Rajah has responded to online criticism of the staged scenes put up at the Queenstown Green playground for the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The pictures that people have posted do not take into account the context of the visit,” she said.

She was referring to several pictures surfacing on the Internet showing the playground before and during the visit, accompanied with sarcastic captions.

Many netizens felt that the sight of residents performing taichi and silat, and using the playground and fitness equipment in the middle of the afternoon presented an unrealistic slice of Singapore life.

She told Singapolitics that the organisers – made up of grassroots groups, the Housing Board, the People’s Association and the British High Commission – had two objectives for that visit.

One was to showcase HDB living. The other was to showcase the various cultural and community activities of Singapore.

“At the same time, the organisers were also given a very short timeframe of about 25 minutes to show all of that,” she said, adding that they felt the best way to achieve it was to “do it in little exhibition spots.”

The playground was chosen as the venue to show the type of facilities in a housing estate, such as exercise machines and playground equipment.

They had asked Tanjong Pagar GRC residents and schoolchildren to take part. Those performing taichi and silat were actual groups with the area’s community centres.

“The demonstrations were to showcase the different types of activities themselves. It was not to suggest that these activities take place at 3pm everyday… It was meant to give a snapshot, and in that sense it was no different from a demonstration of activities,” she said.

Ms Indranee said that as she toured the area with Prince William, he had asked her if Singaporeans actually practice taichi and silat in the afternoon.

“I explained that they wouldn’t do so at 3pm because it’s hot, and that these groups were just here to demonstrate… So it was explained to our visitors that we were just showcasing activities,” she said.

Delta RC chairman Mr Patrick Mah, who was among the organisers, echoed her view.

“These activities usually happen in this area in the evening. But you can’t ask the royal couple to come at 7am when people do taichi,” he said.

He reiterated that the point of the visit was to showcase Singapore living. “The Gardens by the Bay part was to showcase Singapore’s ‘hardware’. This was to show our ‘software’: real people of Singapore and our lifestyle,” he said.

The visit to the playground at Strathmore Green by Prince William and his wife, Catherine Middleton had been the talk of the Internet yesterday.

Blogger Mr Brown was among those who put up contrasting pictures, one before the visit showing an empty playground, and one during the visit showing children and elderly residents using the space. He wrote: “I think some of the uncles on the playground can win Golden Horse award for Best Acting.”

Source : SingaPolitics – Queenstown visit was an exhibition


When a guest visit your home, don’t you do some sprucing up deliberately so as to let the guest feel welcomed?

Yes, I agreed that it may be a masquerade but it’s a masquerade not to deceive but to present how the location would have been used. If we have to wait for opportune timing, it may never happen for the royal entourage who was here precisely to see such activities.

Instead of joining the state in deliberate actions to show precisely our sincere welcome, these clowns choose to use it to ridicule the state! If only everything happened by chance then we all would be the next TOTO winners!

Shame on these detractors! And please, Singapore is not the only country in the world where and when welcoming foreign dignitaries with deliberate “masquerade” to present as close as possible “realistic” POV to their guests. Singapore as far as the events shown did it not to deceive the royal couples. Not as if the streets were filled with beggars that police came to vacate them like other countries?! Singapore only enhances the royal couple experience here rather than to deceive.

by WH


Comments from netizens :

  • The disappointing thing about this incident is some of us eager to put down our country with these guest around
  • Has anyone ever asked how the resident felt when they were told that they can get a chance to meet the VIP ? And the first thing that came to your mind is the resident is “wayang” ?
  • They come here to wayang, we wayang back, what’s wrong? Between state and state, this is the game states put up, all to showcase goodwill.
  • If I had been invited to wayang, I would have been glad and proud to showcase my country’s culture,..
  • This has been done for all important guests for yrs. It is only now that we started to nitpick. Why are we so cynical?  We have to showcase what we have to the visitors at the shortest possible time. That makes sense right? Most people dont do taichi in the middle of the afternoon. But taichi is what a lot of the elderlies in our estates are doing everyday, at the playground, open spaces and basketball courts. This is real! They didnt make this up.

image source – from the net 


2 comments on “Why some of us, so small minded and ungracious, so eager to put down our country ?

  1. Ivan says:

    Mr Brown was present at the meeting PM Lee had with some bloggers earlier. Would that meeting be deemed a “wayang” too since there was quite a fair bit of publicity on it, and also numerous were pictures taken at the occasion. How about the refreshment offered, the comfortable settings, the waiters in attendance, the presence of PAP MPs in addition to the PM etc? Were those also part of the wayang? Mr Brown’s posting meeting reflections were pretty complimentary and balanced. Hmm,,, seems like a case of duplicity involving self, self-serving or even selfish interest?

  2. Pastel goh says:

    This is true. I love this site for the objective and constructive views, unlike those which are out to ‘brainwash’ peoples’ minds to the wrong ideologies!

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