Cost of Our National Day Parade ? Celebrating as one nation ? Priceless !!

Fireworks lit up the night sky, with thousands of cameras and mobile phones capturing colourful starbursts that included heart and orchid shapes, during the finale of the National Day Parade (NDP) 2012 as Singapore celebrates her 47th birthday at The Float @ Marina Bay on Aug 9, 2012. Costs have been climbing since the annual bash to celebrate Singapore’s independence was moved to the Padang and also the Marina Bay floating platform, said Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen. — ST PHOTO: NEO XIAOBIN

National Day Parade costs rise to $17.2m

The bill for the National Day Parade has more than trebled in 10 years, reaching $17.2 million last year.

Costs have been climbing since the annual bash to celebrate Singapore’s independence was moved to the Padang and also the Marina Bay floating platform, said Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen.

The show, organised by the Singapore Armed Forces, was moved from the National Stadium after 2006, when it was decided that the venue would be torn down for the new Singapore Sports Hub.

“These sites required substantial preparatory work for the show and spectator stands,” Dr Ng said in a written parliamentary answer to Non-Constituency MP Gerald Giam. Mr Giam had asked for the costs for 10 years and details like the manpower costs for civil servants and soldiers in the parade.

The most expensive show was in 2010, for the 45th anniversary celebrations at the Padang. It cost more than $20 million, almost double the amount spent in 2005.

The higher expenditure was due to hardening of the field to withstand a heavier load and putting up LED screens as well as supporting towers for a visual display, Dr Ng said.

The show accounts for about half the spending – this goes into items such as costumes, props, lighting, special effects and multimedia equipment.

The other half goes into infrastructure development, improvement works, logistics, supplies, publicity and security, he added.

By Goh Chin Lian,
Published on Sep 11, 2012, Straitstimes


image source : Fabrications About The PAP


When someone poses a question, especially in an important institution such as the Parliament, there must be a good purpose.

Now that Ng Eng Hen has provided Gerald Giam with the cost of organising the NDPs, we want to know whether The Workers’ Party’s MPs think that the parades are worth the resource expenditure.

If not, will WP be boycotting the NDP henceforth, as otherwise they would be complicit to the wanton waste?

Or was the parliamentary question just a frivolous one meant as a politically mischievous and wanton GROPE in the dark?

by Bryan Ti


Comments extract  from the above two sites and Net :

  • Patriotism is Priceless, without Singapore, you, me and everyone on this big Sentosa is worthless. Money is just a value, all the sacrifice, burnt weekends, blood sweat and tears from thousands of students, volunteers and NSMen,  that is priceless, and that is what Singapore is about!
  • This is a national event. You need to look at the numbers of rehearsals done and the number of participants involved. NDP is also being used for national education yearly for those in primary four level.
  • It’s an insult to Singaporeans and to Singapore to raise this issue. It’s like asking how much one spends on birthday, wedding, wedding anniversary, etc. So are they proposing we scrap national day next year stay home and think of some stupid question to ask?
  •  aren’t singaporeans asking the government to move away from cold-blooded figures and numbers, and to focus on the intangibles, such as the well-being of citizens? if so, why still put so much emphasis on numbers and figures? if the country as a whole can afford to spend to celebrate our birthday, why not?
  • NDP is a very important day. It forges unity n national pride. It is a celebration of our Independence. It is also a show case to other countries. Other countries dignitaries are being invited. Cannot stinge.
  •  so what’s after that? What should WP’s reaction be, after knowing the answers?
  • We are going no where by just poking and fault finding without solutions. So by knowing, what are his solution? How to weight the cost of organising of NDP vs tangible & intangible gain? any framework to follow or proposed?
  • I’m sure the cost is a great lot of money, perhaps more than GDP of some countries, and I don’t think i’t’s wrong to ask the question…but he, and the rest of the netizens who may be demanding the answers too, would need to know the intangible benefits from the bonding and pride of true-blue Singaporeans, from withing the stadium, to households all over Singapore, and through the internet, cannot be measured in terms of dollars and cents. I am overseas for this short period of time, yet, I’m heartened that my group of S’porean friends decided to go for Singaporean-food dinner in a restaurant, then proceeded to celebrate by watching the parade together, live on internet…the pride some of my friends displayed and the fact that we could watch it at that time….multiply that by the little pockets of Singaporeans all over the world…national pride during these moments cannot be monetised…and don’t forget the build up to the actual event…the pre-NDP rehearsals open to public, and those where our Primary 5’s attend, as well as the students that take part in all the rehearsals eg, combined schools’ choir, performers on the field, etc…the experience for all these are parts of the gravel, sand and water that hopes to cement the pride of the National spirit…when else do we have a unified nation singing the national anthem together at the same time?

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