Why are we paying an MP (Pritam Singh) to quarrel with a blogger on Facebook? – “MP (Pritam Singh) and blogger face-off online”

refer to this article from SingaPolitics:

MP and blogger face-off online


PM Lee reaches out, WP lashes out.

PM Lee on Fact Finding, WP on Fault Finding.

PM Lee engages, WP obstructs, then complains that government does not engage.  ~~

image source : Fabrications About The PAP


Comments from the net and some from  Fabrications About The PAP

  • just when I was wondering why WP is taking so long to make a stand on PM Lee’s National Day Rally, WP MP Pritam Singh chose to express his disgust (I meant to say “buay-song”) over the coffee session PM Lee held with several active online bloggers. Interesting read.
  • WHOLE online space? That’s one of the funniest thing I’ve ever read.–> “They are probably leading the government’s effort to retake the the online space. Should we let them?” wrote Mr Singh. from
    Mr. Singh, I love Roti Pratas.
  • Pritam has not answered the question. A very very important question.
    Pritam said: “[The bloggers] are probably leading the government’s effort to retake the the online space. Should we let them?”
    Andrew asked: ” i don’t understand the question: “Should we let them?” if we shouldn’t, will WP lead the charge?”
  • “…to retake the online space. Should we let them?” –a tacit admission that they, the WP, has been leading the charge to pollute the online space.
  • Why are we paying an MP to quarrel with a blogger on Facebook?
    Spending so much time on his FB wall quarreling with a blogger is a waste of taxpayers’ money and unbecoming of an elected MP.
  • I forgot we’re paying them MP allowance. When will they deliver the goods?
  • My goodness, i am gonna waste 10 seconds of my life typing this but i think i have to. There are many other things that WP can debate on. Why worry abt retaking online space? (-_-‘)
  • Should we let them”??? Does it belong to WP in the first place, who are you to dictate that?
  • Yo Pritam: Why do you doubt the people’s ability to make their own decision? You mean by a mere invitation these ppl will not be self directed…
  • I hate when WP MPs tells me that they want a better Singapore for us but their actions show me clearly that they don’t!
  • Instead of working towards a united Singapore, helping everyone to achieve a better environment, we have people like him and wp who are so interested to stir up divisive element to unsettle the people and the nation so that they can achieve the so called First World parliament and country . What are you and what is wp intention ?
  • How funny it is to see Mr Pritam Singh bemoaning the PAP’s efforts to reach out to the citizenry over the Internet when over the past few years, dissident and seditious websites in the Opposition’s camp were allowed to print malicious, illogical and groundless sensationalist articles against the Government. These websites, despite bordering on xenophobic tendencies, have never met with the disapproval of the Opposition because they know that they can count on the TOC and Temasek Review to paint a flattering picture of them. Yet any attempt by the Government to establish itself on the Internet is met with cries of state censorship and propaganda. How long more must we tolerate such senselessness from the Opposition?
  • Typical politicians. When we press them for further clarification, they clam up and start to get defensive, insinuating that only they know best and that we common citizens have no right to press them for greater details.Yet was it not these Opposition politicians who have continuously harped on the need for Government Ministers to be more transparent on policies and discussions? Was it not they who accused the government of adopting the same aloof attitude, thus failing to keep in touch with the masses. The Worker’s Party seems more concerned with resting on their laurels simply because they have won a GRC from the PAP. Rather than show us why they deserve to be in power, all we are seeing are the same shenanigans from an Opposition that seems to be adopting this same we-know-best attitude.
  • He is deliberately being subversive and openly rebel against the incumbent to sustain support from the hardcore oppies. He forgot he is an elected MP, not Che Guevara wannabe and should sincerely and whole heartfelt serve his constituency instead of creating divisive politics.
  • …the quote of the day.
    “Before being a politician, I am a human being.” – Pritam Singh
    PS. don’t ask me what he is trying to say – whether he considers politicians as ‘higher beings’ than the rest of us, that he is no longer a normal ‘human being’, or, that others are usually not human beings before they become politicians.
    ~~    Bryan Ti

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