PM Lee Hsien Loong met 19 of his fans and followers over tea.

I started my Facebook page & Twitter account four months ago. It has been useful and fun, though lots of work. Now after every event, writing an FB post and choosing pics to share with fans have become habits. I appreciate your wall comments and private messages, which help me understand your hopes and concerns. Your Likes and Shares too tell me what posts struck a chord with you, and what I should post more about.

Today I met 19 of my fans and followers over tea. You came from many backgrounds and age groups (Jiajia was the youngest 🙂 ), and some of you are more active online than others (mrbrown, Dr JiaJia Big Brother, Ming Shen).

We talked about many issues, from Twitter and Reddit (President Obama just did an Ask Me Anything session today, and crashed the servers), to online behaviour (some favoured requiring real names, some didn’t), and Singapore’s declining birth-rate (no magic solutions, alas). Thank you also for your feedback on my Facebook page.

I look forward to meeting more of you in future. Thank you all for your continued support! – LHL

  Lee Hsien Loong

* The Afterthought 
  • Yesterday after the discussion at the Istana and when everyone was walking out, BigMom asked Jiajia to thank our Prime Minister. But PM was talking to someone else when Jiajia walked up to him. Then Jiajia did the unexpected.

    He held our PM’s hand. OMG! He must be the only one in the whole room who dared to hold our PM’s hand without the PM offering it.

    PM took a little while to react to Jiajia

    , then JJ looked straight at our PM and said, “Thank you.”

    “Oh sorry, I was taking picture,” our humble PM replied.

    We thought this was a really funny moment. Because all our hearts leaped when we saw JJ went to hold our PM’s hand. It was totally beyond our expectation. But a child will always do what a child will do: be himself/herself.
    ~~Jiajia Bigbrother


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