Worker Party, Europe is waiting to know how You can implement First World Social Safety net without First World Debt and Taxes.

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In Singapore, opposition politician also pretend that social spending doesn’t cost the tax payers anything.

But usually stay silent when asked to “Show us the money”. The Workers Party’s First-World-Parliament-on-Facebook has Mr Chen Show Mao “quoted” Mr Donald Low that since it’s a social investment, it would pay for itself.

One only need to look at Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, the UK and the United States to know that the PROMISE of the so called “Social Investment” has LAND-ed them in a deep hole of “cow dung”.

~ by Fabrications About The PAP, and some of the comments :

  •  Since when the word ‘investment’ invariably lead to ‘making money’? Investment can be loss making also. In that case, if the social investment is loss making, how would it ‘pay for itself’? Social spending is social spending. Don’t couch it as an investment. Layman will think social investment can earn to pay for itself. Misleading…
  • That is what happen in Japan, United Stages, company pension money, they put for so call investment and lost in the investment and what are they going to retire, on the social spending lor. One very good examples now in this century is LEMMAN BROTHER, more then a century year old investment bank and can go burst, what is the problem, wrong management, if Singapore vote the wrong man into the jobs be prepared to skip ship.
  •  In a way, the Euro crisis is good, only fools would argue that unfettered welfare is the way to go.
  • When asked “Show us the money” did  Mr Chen Show Mao or his party The Workers’ Party said in certain terms that it would required very high taxes to be funded like in the Nordic countries? Mr Chen and his merry men kept their silence in parliament until he conducted the First World Parliament on Facebook “quoting anonymously” Mr Donald Low that it is a “Social investment and would pay for by itself”?
  • Mr Low Thia Khiang even asked the Finance Minister to think of a way to have First World Social Safety Net without the First world Debt and Taxes.
    See, when spending money, Mr Low and Mr Chen is so fast to accuse that not enough is done. When ask to show us the money, only know how to ask other people to think of a way, when he has no idea of his own.
    I wonder how is the Mr Low getting along on that bestselling novel of his. Europe is waiting to know how Mr Low can implement First World Social Safety net without First World Debt and Taxes.

2 comments on “Worker Party, Europe is waiting to know how You can implement First World Social Safety net without First World Debt and Taxes.

  1. Koh says:

    I disagree with the spirit of this posting.

    I think many Singaporeans are well aware that with increased social spending, the money has to come from somewhere, but many of us are sick and tired of the old refrain that taxes MUST increase (and by the exact same proportion) as a result, when we know full well that the government has been overly conservative in its spending in the first place, and continues to accumulate reserves.

    To quote former GIC chief Yeoh Kam Leong, “We probably have at least four to five per cent of GDP we can use sustainably from the structural budget balance, let alone the full, long-term potential of investment income from reserves.”

    I simply do not find it acceptable to shift 100% of the increased spend as additional burden to the taxpayer when there’s still a lot of spare budget available, and I think this is something that many rational Singaporeans (not just opposition parties) understand.

  2. Hi Koh,

    I think the spirit of this posting is that politicians should be responsible for their words. Talk is cheap, and we certainly don’t want a case where politicians can just go to Parliament and say beautiful words with no weight and with no consequence, misleading Singaporeans in the process.

    That said, I believe the Government is looking ahead in the long term to say that if social spending were to be increased, taxes would likewise have to increase. Of course, understanding income – expenditure metric, we could cut down on other expenses, but then we would have to sacrifice something else and some one would be made worse off.

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