TRS Editor Alex Tan is currently being called up for investigation at the Tanglin Police Division.

Alex Tan used to run the infamous TR clone – Temasek Revealed – which was closed after it posted the hoaxed about “a 19-year-old Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) serviceman was shot in the right eye by a stray bullet in the Sembawang area and died on-the-scene.”

refer to link : Breaking News: (The Straits Times) Published on Jan 28, 2012 Temasek Review report on SAF serviceman’s death a hoax: Mindef

And now this. … the state of the opposition is in, *shake head*.

~~ by Fabrications About The PAP, and some comments :

  • Seriously about time. I dont agree with pap policies all the time but the way he posts his views tantamounts to inciting hate. Not what this little red dot needs.
  • We need more rational Singaporeans to speak up and voice our views. Otherwise the world will think we’d gone stupid and our children will suffer. By and large, I think we’re still rational.
  •  And to think their supporters believe they can improve Singapore….
  • He somewhat deserves it lah … always posting nonsensical information that are misleading at times (must always check for credibility and waste our time).
  • At least now he knows his feedback has not gone into a bottomless pit….be careful what you wish for
  • Kenneth R P Jeyaretnam :- I have found no evidence of Alex Tan having been arrested in any reliable public record. However to set the record straight let me state for the record that both Alex Tan and Arthero Lim were both expelled from the Reform Party soon after GE 2011.

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