A Home With Hope and Heart – National Day Rally 2012

Photo with Swee Keat, Lawrence and Halimah, taken backstage immediately after their speeches. We are all in shades of red! 🙂 – LHL

Profile Picture   Lee Hsien Loong
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Excerpt  1 :
Minister Heng Swee Keat, Senior Minister of State Lawrence Wong and Minister of State Halimah Yacob have just concluded their speeches at the National Day Rally.

Mr Wong spoke about the importance of creating opportunities, improving Singaporeans’ quality of life and building stronger communities. Referring to the ideals expressed in the pledge, he urged Singaporeans to work actively with the Government to achieve happiness, progress and prosperity for our nation.

Madam Halimah spoke on the need to ensure that a widening income gap does not make it harder for Singaporeans to excel. She emphasised the importance of maintaining social mobility, and said the Government is committed to doing more for those who need help.

Minister Heng highlighted the need for a national conversation about “Our Singapore”, for Singaporeans to come together, and ask: What matters most? Where do we want to go as a country, as a people? He said the national conversation will be as inclusive as possible, and urged Singaporeans to take part in it.

Excerpt  2 :

PM: Singapore of the future must have a bigger Heart. He gave several examples of how we have built a harmonious society through mutual respect and a spirit of give-and-take. Most Singaporeans are big-hearted and generous, and more are donating to charitable causes. But he added that a minority seemed to be less tolerant towards others, and urged Singaporeans not to allow this trend of not-so-good behaviour to spread.

On relations between Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans, PM said it was fair for people to express concern or to disagree with immigration trends and policies, but he was worried by some of the nasty views expressed, especially online and anonymously. This, he said, speaks poorly of who we are and damages our international reputation.

He urged Singaporeans to show a generosity of spirit to one another, including toward new arrivals. He urged new arrivals to also make the effort to embrace our values, commit themselves to Singapore and integrate into our community.

Summary of the Prime Minister’s National Day Rally 2012 Speech


  K Shanmugam Sc

PM made a truly inspiring speech last night. A speech full of passion, and foresight. Among the key areas that PM touched on are :

1. PreSchool – this area needs more government support and it is good that it is going to get more attention. I ma a passionate beliver in providing our young children with the best possible PreSchool education;

2. HDB flats for singles – PM seems to be signalling that there can be some movement on this;

3. more support for parents to have children, including possibly paternity leave ;4. more university places for Singaporeans – places to increase by 3000 per year whichmeans 40% of each cohort can go to Universities;

5. the need for us to recognise that some things being said, against foreigners, online, anonymously, are repulsive and xenophobic ,and does not really represent the best spirit of Spore. The majority of Sporeans are tolerant, decent and open hearted. The small minority ,which is highly negative, and hiding behind anonymity, and spewing vitriol, should not be allowed to set the tone for the debate.

To view the video :  PMO – National Day Rally 2012 


  Lee Bee Wah

The best ever national rally by PM. It was very touching…..what is your view? How to build a big-hearted society


  Tan Chuan-Jin

I am proud of what PM shared today. It is about who we want to be. We are a kind, compassionate and generous people. Whatever the circumstance, we have our right as individuals to choose how we speak, how we act. How we live.
I choose to make a stand for what we believe in and what we want to be.

We may be a small nation. But we can have a big heart.



 Irene Ng

thought-provoking speech by PM tonight with a healthy dose of plain speaking. Highlighted rising trend of bad behaviour and posed profound questions.

Key one: As Singaporeans, what kind of people do we want to become? Decent, generous and warm, or angry, ugly and hateful?

The choice is for us to make. Ultimately it is up to us how big-hearted Singapore will be.
For more reading and videos :

One comment on “A Home With Hope and Heart – National Day Rally 2012

  1. Irene Ng says:

    A wake up call to every Singaporean to do some soul searching as what they want in life instead of whining and moaning. Values and Graciousness are eroding despite of the so many campaign launch like Kindness Movement etc. Our parents time of community living and spirit are hardly seen. Tolerance level no more exist and everyone is exerting their right over the expense of other suffering and inconvenience.

    Kudos to PM to dare to change instead always dweliing on economic growth, what perks to give etc but address the eroding values and deep concern of the common men in the street.

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