Are those who are angry at cyclists for being on roads or on pavements barking up the wrong wheel ?


Bryan Ti  Thanks for your views. For some reason, I can’t reply to your post, so am replying here in a new post.
The issue is not what cyclists use the roads for – whether for recreation, work, transporting kids to school, etc. We do not categorise other road users (motorbikers, car/van/lorry drivers etc) according to what they use the roads for. The issue is about taking a serious view of the vulnerability of this group of road users – the cyclists – especially as their numbers are increasing.

Many other cities promote cycling as they want to cut down on car journeys, road congestion and pollution. Besides being environment-friendly, it is also a healthy sport (as long as you don’t get killed on the road). Singapore should study how busy and congested cities, such as Chicago, London, New York and Paris, integrate bicycles seamlessly into their transport system. And how they have brought down bicycle accidents.

If I may say, those who are angry at cyclists for being on roads or on pavements are barking up the wrong wheel. What we should be outraged about is the slow progress in making our roads safer for them.


Irene, this comment on my FB just about sums up the issue with the particularly vocal segment of cyclists who are clamouring to have dedicated cycle-lanes.

They are not cycling because they need to get to the MRT stations or bus terminals,  to work or to the markets. They are generally cycling enthusiasts who want to be given infrastructural provisions, at the cost to taxpayers and other motorists, so that they can pursue their weekend sports interests and excursions.

Creating cycling lanes around the housing-estateswill not meet their wants because theirs is one of enjoyment, and not of need or life’s practicalities. No matter how extensive NParks builds the park-connector network, it will not serve their purposes because cycling on these paths is not ‘cool’ and they can’t indulge in high-speed or cycle in large groups – other slower park-connector users are seen as impediments.Lastly, it is somewhat contradictory for these people to talk about danger to their lives, when at the same time, they use our public roads for mini Tours-de-France. Just pay a visit to the straight-stretches of Changi Coastal Road on the weekends to observe for yourself.

PS. which gives me an idea: maybe we can designate cycling lanes for them on broad non-high-traffic roads which are applicable only on weekends and holidays.

by Bryan Ti


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