With WP, we don’t need judge liao.. we need Survey Monkey & Facebook Question!

In last parliamentary sitting, Sylvia Lim essentially asked Mr Shanmugam (Minister of Law) to ignore the facts of law and to pass his own judgement on Woffles Wu’s case based on popular opinion.

Mr Shan didn’t take the malicious bait, instead he laid out facts from 7 previous cases and invited Sylvia (a qualified lawyer & former law lecturer) to give her opinion based on legal facts.

Sylvia refused the use legal facts and insisted that Woffles Wu’s case is a matter of public concern and hence, judgement on the case can be reviewed through popular opinion perspective.

In the middle of “debate”, Low Thia Khiang felt Sylvia has been cornered ..he stood up and essentially alleged Mr Shan of intimidation for laying out legal facts in answering Sylvia’s question. (since her question is simply about popular opinion)

The Workers’ Party seldom shares their vision. If anything transpires from this episode, it is that WP has no qualms to set aside legal facts and uses popular opinion in passing judgement on court case. Perhaps, it is WP’s vision to incorporate “Opinion Survey” into Singapore Legal System ..where judge can sentence the accused based on what public feels vis-a-vis the accused’s wealth, social status, personal network, etc.

When WP in power, we don’t need judge liao.. we need Survey Monkey & Facebook Question!

“Credit must be given when credit is due, all this would have been possible without Ms Lim’s insistence to protest for the sake of protesting. She had single-handedly in one sitting demonstrate what many of us has been struggling to convey for the longest time …that WP is a party that’s willing to poison public’s mind for the sake of gaining political mileage.

In a way, the public disquiet over Wu’s case is due to perception of “politics” being involved in AGC’s decision for the charge. That somehow, Wu’s status & his relationship to establishment played part in AGC’s perceived “leniency” . Integrity of Singapore’s justice system should be the last bastion of our freedom. and hence, understandably some quarters in Singapore raised concerns over the perceived “political play”.

Spectacularly, Ms Lim exploits public’s distaste over perceived “political play” in Wu’s case and “play politics” with question on the integrity of our justice system. She questioned for the sake of questioning, was unable to back her “facts”, stupidly rejected the truths when they are presented in front of her.

Ms Lim and her questions are exactly what we need in our parliament. Only with that kind of ignorance & stoopidity she displayed, can we contrast the clear, decisive and correct direction from government vis-a-vis murky, opportunist and wrong vision from WP, for the public to see.

Reference : Oral answer by Minister for Law, K Shanmugam, to Parliamentary Questions on the Woffles Wu case

by Jammie


image source : Fabrications About The PAP


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