The question was “What does Sylvia think?” not “what some other lawyers think”. Next “First World Parliament” please, anyone ?

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by : Fabrications About The PAP


The WP said they were going to help Singapore build a First World Parliament. Going by the altercation b/w the Law Minister Shamugaretnam and the WP’s Chairman Slyvia Lim and its Secretary General Low Thia Khiang, I came to the conclusion that I was right about what I had said some time ago. You can’t build a First World Parliament when you don’t have what it needs to build a First World Parliament. How long do you think it would take for us to have the quality of engagements on issues by Members on either side of the bench that many of us would have seen of Parliamentary proceedings in the Australian Parliament and the British Parliament on ABC and BBC respectively?

Next, I was nonplussed by Mr. Low Thia Kiang’s protest that the Law Minister was intimidating Slyvia Lim, the Chairman of the WP. Two individuals both with legal backgrounds and each considered a heavy weight from their respective parties were engaged in an exchange of views on a matter of national interests. And it was the WP who raised the issue with a view to asking why the cosmetic surgeon Dr Woffles Wu was given, in the eyes of the WP, a sentence that was lighter than those meted out in the past for similar offence. So it was the WP Chairman who initiated the first move to put the Law Minister from the PAP in the box for further interrogation. That being the case how could the Sec. Gen. of the WP, Mr LTK interjected the exchange to protest that the Law Minister was intimidating the Chairman of the WP?
Would this have had happened in a First World Parliament?The WP Aljunied GRC Team was made up of the WP’s heavyweights, or maybe, the heaviest weights they could find. And then in an engagement on an issue of domestic interest, a very heavyweight of the WP protested against the way the Law Minister was engaging another of WP’s very heavy weight for being intimidating. Perhaps Mr Low seated in his cosy chair and listening intently to the exchanges might himself have felt in intimidated. This was a scene that was so laughable as to be comic.

Then Sylvia Lim also had a complaint which was that the Law Minister was sarcastically implying that as a law lecturer she was perhaps lacking in competence as far as her legal knowledge on certain areas of the subject matter under dispute was concerned.

How preposterous that situation was! The protest and the complaint were totally irrelevant and also very subjective in nature. No wonder their comrade Chen Show Mao had nothing to say. Probably he was too embarassed for words. My conclusion was that both LTK and Slyvia Lim must have felt browbeaten on the occasion. If so that speaks so much for their potential to present themselves as plausible alternative to the PAP to form a government.

by csHo


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