After watching NDP 2012…

National Day is always special. This year’s Parade expressed well our love for Singapore, our home. The show was spectacular and touched our hearts. The crowd was in high spirits. This was a celebration, but also a rededication, especially  when we all said the Pledge together.

NDP has become a rite of passage for many Singaporeans – regular and NS servicemen; students from uniformed groups and the choir, and volunteers from different associations.While NDP 2012 has ended, I hope Singaporeans continue to rediscover what we love best about our home, through the initiatives by the NDP 2012 EXCO (

To Colonel Desmond Tan and his team, and all the participants who worked so hard on this year’s Parade – a Big Thank You!

I wish all Singaporeans, at home and overseas, far off and near, a Happy 47th National Day. – LHL

   Lee Hsien Loong


I enjoyed the National Day Parade as much as I did last year and it emphasized alot on how we got this far.

Most importantly, all of us need to appreciate what the country has done for us and instead of complaining, will these people reflect and asked what they have done for the country.

If you don’t respect your country’s efforts, seek another flag please.

My personal opinion is not to change a proven formula, don’t be like many countries in the region..

Nevertheless, Happy 47th Birthday and I pray for another 10,000 years of prosperity!

by Kenny


I love my country not because it is great because it is my own.

To be able to wake up, sing the national anthem & look at the rising flag in honor is a blessing.

Happy 47th National Day my Island Home! Majullah Singapura!

by Kenny


Have to write this down while the feeling is still strong, after watching NDP 2012.
That feeling is a sure sign of our confidence in this nation, Singapore.

The memories flooded in as I viewed the images before my eyes and mind.
These images ….
1) The soldiers and security services were reminders of my earlier days when i was part-taking in two NDPs in the 70s, first as an infantry private and then as an officer leading my contingent. It also reminded me of the proud moments when my son was involved in the parade during his NS days. We served as it was our duties, without any specific expectation.

2) The main bulk of 28K spectators were also strong reminders that those are the real Singaporeans. There are symbolic of the millions of real Singaporeans who are watching on TV and cyber shows. Their faces depicted the real Singaporeans, and my confidence in this nation. The small minority of highly vocal and negative cyber-sites are just loud but they are but the unfortunate lost ones.

by TH


(Photo credit: ST)

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