In Memoriam: Our Pioneering Fathers

Hand in hand shall we steadfast stand,
Our allegiance to this Land we’ll defend;
Sanctified with sweat of our forebears’ toil,
Their Dream,our Home, dare we to soil?

O’er mountains, across storm-toss’d seas,
In rocking, rickety boats and wind-torn sails,
Our forebears came, their lives to transact
A new dawn and their lives to start afresh.

So hand in hand, we shall together stand,
And this land to the last man we’ll defend;
Our pioneers’ dream, their flick’ring hope
We’ll kindle yet aflame, and their longing fulfil.

The new homes to build and the new lands we’ll till,
A new world across the seas, and beyond the sun-kissed hills.

By Ho Cheow Seng

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