Naysayers, what have YOU ever done for Singapore, other than whinge & complain.

Here they go again. Trying to turn Singaporeans against Singaporeans by faking public opinion.

There is even an online poll going around asking “China born Feng Tiang Wei (FTW) won Bronze medal for Singapore. As a Singaporean do you feel proud of this achievement by a foreign born mercenary player brought in specifically to win medal?”

I will not answer the poll, but I will say this; I am proud of  fellow Singaporean, Feng TianWei, and her achievement. 

Source : Fabrications About The PAP


Comments from the Net :

Singapore has achieved many things, but we must accept that we are very poor in sports. That is why we have to import sports people. So the question is whether we should try to improve our sporting abilities – and if so, at what cost?

There are smaller countries, such as New Zealand and Ireland, that are very good at sports, and produce champions. We are an urban island, and we are nowhere near as sporty as they are. Is it genetic?

I guess my point is that Singaporeans are like this because of our circumstances: small island, no resources, must survive. So physical fitness and sports take a back seat. But I do have the hope that as we have attained economic stability, more of our youth will be sporty.


Whether is sports, art , technology or biz or whatever, on the individual levels, pursue it becos you are interested and have your prioritized actions for it. The imports of exterior experts could be a phase of creating environment for greater “heights” for further improvement. Winning medals could be part of the marker for the process; however a visible marker.


In a sense, the debate about foreign-born athletes reflects a wider debate among Singaporeans as to the role of foreign talent. Why do we need such people? Should we welcome them? To what extent do they relate to us and our experiences?

First point: we constantly need foreigners because we are a growing city, and a growing economy. So we always need people who have a special skill set.

Second point: we should welcome them not because we want them to feel better (which we do) but because we are a gracious people. We know what being an immigrant is like, as most of us are immigrants or children of immigrants.

Third point: they are different from us. But the great thing is that they have given up their own homes, relocated to a new country, in order to be more like us. So whether it is Feng TW or some construction worker we ought to recognise that they have gone through hardship and made sacrifices to live here and help improve our little island. So we ought to give them a break and not be so harsh on them.


Naysayers, grow up and get a life…. What have YOU ever done for Singapore, other than whinge & complain. You are a pox on the Little Red Dot! Regardless of where she CAME from, she fought for the Nation in the name of the nation. When you work, you expect to get paid. When your work exceptionally hard and produce excellent rewards, you expect a good bonus (of course here you expect 13th month bonus for doing nothing at all except staying on one job). So pathetic.”


Regardless of the place u are born in, isnt it there for all to see that FTW played under the banner of singapore?
What i can take away from these issues are that those who oppose “china born singaporean” because of their own inferior complex. They cannot take it that a “ah tiong” is better than the so called “pure singaporean”.
This reminds me of the ideology of hitler regarding his “superior” Aryan Race.
For goodness sake, be it china born, malaysia born, indonesia born, singapore born, madagascar born or africa born, once u have the pink ic, YOU are a singaporean.
Let me remind those oppsies of our national pledge

“we the citizen of singapore, pledge ourselves as ONE UNiTED PEOPLE, regardless of RACE, LANGUAGE or RELiGION……

Can the opposie called themselves singaporean when they cant even internalise our national pledge??
I will cheer for whoever that wears the singapore flag on their chest when competing in international competition. Go Singapore!! 🙂


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