We can all benefit from a constructive and civil debate on national issues – PM Lee Hsien Loong

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Lee Hsien Loong

Preparing for National Day – drafting my National Day Message, and working on my speeches for the Rally. I will be recording the Message next week in one of our parks, to celebrate our beautiful surroundings.

This year’s Rally will be later than usual, on 26 August, because the Sunday before that is Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I do three different speeches – Malay, Chinese and English, and not one speech translated into three languages. I tailor my pitch differently in each speech, to adapt the same basic message to the different audiences. It is a chance for me to address issues on your minds, and talk about what the future holds for Singapore. – LHL



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Lee Hsien Loong

Many thanks for your enthusiastic responses to my post about my National Day preparations yesterday. Your suggestions for my Rally speeches were most useful.

Quite a few of you felt that I should talk about population issues, including integration with new arrivals (e.g., Yap Fred, Qi Yong, Jessica.Chan) and parenthood (e.g., Suresh Kumar, Sherin Tan, February Amethyst). This is an important and difficult problem. We have just published an Issues Paper “Our Population, Our Future” (http://www.population.sg/), which explains our demographic challenges and what we aim to do about them. Do take a look at it.

Other readers suggested cost-of-living (e.g., Peter Cheng, Jasmine P’ng Siok Lee), education (e.g., Steven Ooi, James Phoon), and housing (e.g., Yusoff Yb, Sean Lim). These are all issues preoccupying many Singaporeans.

I will definitely bear your suggestions in mind as I work on my National Day Rally speeches. Unfortunately I can’t cover all the subjects you have proposed. But many of them are on our national agenda, and being attended to.

I have Liked quite a few of your comments, including those disagreeing with the government or voicing your concerns. Do continue to post your comments and views. We can all benefit from a constructive and civil debate on national issues.

TQ and Nandri! – LHL


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