There is Always Two Sides to a Coin – Chinese woman and Elderly lady quarrel

This time it’s Ah-Ma vs PRC-Lady. There is Always Two Sides to a Coin. And only part of it was caught on video.

There is no lack of websites and facebook pages that are 唯恐天下不乱, trying to fan xenophobic sentiments. But thanks to Little Fish’s Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining for injecting some sanity into the issue.

by       Fabrications About The PAP


Excerpt  1 :

Somebody posted a video on YouTube, ‘Chinese Woman and Elderly lady quarrel ‘ and it went viral online.

It showed a young lady and an elderly lady quarreling over priority seat in SBS. Somehow I noticed majority of the netizens online were quick to jump the gun on the young PRC lady. I watched the video and realized that it didn’t show the part how the commotion was triggered. It cast some doubts when I read another side of the story in the comments section of the YouTube video.

Excerpt  2 :

The young lady was clearly provoked & she retaliated back after she lost control of her emotions.

I am rather ‘impressed’ with a Mr David Tan, 34, a senior manager who could relate very clearly what took place in SBS service 235. Got time to record video enjoy the show. Got no time to intervene nor assist the SBS driver since he (David) knew mandarin & recognized that the younger lady was very ‘aggressive’.

Two middle-age ladies stood between the quarreling parties and restrained the younger woman. Come on, are you a MAN?

by Little Fish’
Link : Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining – There is Always Two Sides to a Coin

Comments :

  • according to a passenger on that bus. The elderly woman actually insulted the younger woman, (in words that are too degrading to type online) till the younger woman snap. Guess every lady will snap if being insulted like that.
  • Current favorite items on the emotion stirring menu :
    1) foreigners, New immigrants, and PRCs
    2) PAP ingredients
    For real or apparent, any thing under the sun can be dreamt, staged or played to serve the purpose.
    Whether its scholarships, school placements, Jobs, NS, Bus or train seats, car accidents, services, hawker centres’ facilities, health care. etc…. the potential for such negatives to be “blown-out” for publicity would be countless.
    We should not fall prey to their “games”…. don’t be too quick to jump into the frays.

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