Let’s stop making people angry

Two boys were arrested for making sedition remarks and not long ago, a YPAP member was also investigated for making an offensive caption . Many other incidents of “similar nature” also surfaced (e.g. su xu , lighthouse, Gary Yue Mun Yew …etc) . The outcome of these cases differ , some are let off with a warning, one has to do community services before graduating and in one case, the prosecutor appeals against the fine sentence.

To be successfully charged under sedition act , certain conditions need to be met . I am not a lawyer and I shall not discuss the merit of all these cases ,

  • but one similarity in all these cases is it made someone “angry” in one way or another .
  • This someone can be the subject of the comment or it can also be someone in the same profile group.

A facebook friend of mine recently wrote a note and he got comments which will sure make it to the headline news had he proceeded with making a police report. The person who made that comment was lucky because he was given ample warning and he apologized . Even though his apology wasn’t sincere, my friend let the matter go . Instead of continue to be angry (or was he angry in the first place ? ), he take it as a learning experience.

I revisited the above cases . I am personally angry at one , some case I know someone will be angry and the prosecutor seems angrier in one.

Some fair and reasonable comparison was made between the 2 boys and the YPAP and I thought,

  • are they any different in making people angry ?
  • Why is one categorized as “offensive caption” and the other one as “racists comments” .
  • Who did the classification?
  • Are they equal in the being offensive and making people angry ?
  • Is this classification a form of pre-judgment on the part of whoever made them ?
  • Has this classification got anything to do with the affiliation to a organization ?

Nevertheless as they always say “innocent unless proven guilty” (something which I will use to my advantage at times ) , I guess we shall wait and respect the court judgment (something at times I will not agree and have my own judgment / prejudgment) in all these “make people angry comments” cases .

In short , I hope people can stop going around making people angry with your senseless comments especially if they contain the 2 taboo words – race & religion .

I hope this note of mine will not make anyone “angry” . Peace !

Reference :-

by a netizen


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