Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong thanks our servicemen for safeguarding our peace, security and progress.

 With my parents after our BMT Passing-Out Parade at 2 SIR, March 1971.  — at SAFTI Military Institute.


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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong thanks our servicemen for safeguarding our peace, security and progress. Check out the photos from this evening’s SAF Day Parade – he even dug up one photo from his recruit days, wearing the Temasek Green uniform!

To all servicemen, regular or NS, from PM Lee Hsien Loong:

“Reviewed the SAF Day Parade this evening and met many of our young people serving and defending Singapore. Always happy to have the chance to thank those who keep our country safe and secure.

This year marks 45 years of NS. More than 900,000 men have completed this rite of passage, and NS has become a vital national institution.

I remember when I was called up in 1971, and was a recruit in ‘A’ Company, 2 SIR, at Holland Road Camp. The facilities were basic, the equipment often incomplete. We did not even have steel helmets for everybody. We were issued only the inner liners covered with camouflage nets, except when we went to the firing range.

When it came to my sons’ turn to be called up, my wife and I went with them to BMTC at Pulau Tekong. I met many other parents, who had similarly done NS themselves. We (the fathers) all ooh’d and aah’d over the barrack rooms, the cupboards and mattresses, and of course the cookhouse food. We told our sons about the old days, but I am not sure how impressed they were.

Long after we have finished NS, the bonds and friendships remain. Last Sunday, at the Singapore Youth Awards (SYA) Presentation Ceremony, someone came to say hello. He had served under me in 23 SA in 1980, as a gunner. Now he was on the SYA panel choosing the awardees. We were so happy to meet again.

Thank you to all our servicemen, regular and NS, for safeguarding our peace, security and progress! Thanks also to all the families and employers, for your support and understanding!

Here’s an old photo I dug out from my recruit days in 2 SIR, plus photos from today’s parade.

– LHL”


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