On Kong Hee, the inner circle of 5 from CHC’ Saga : why ‘Sinners’ are not treated equally

Death of A Halo: Of Kong Hee, CHC, and Christianity

Excerpts :

And I wanted to shake everybody out of their knee-jerk reactions: the Christians who poured scorn upon the church, the non-Christians making a casual joke out of somebody else’s misery, the CHC members in painful denial.

Because it has been this way for too long, really, I think. And it’s time to acknowledge the truth.

Listen, please, CHC members:

  • This is not a matter of the world trying to persecute you.
  • There is no devil trying to turn hearts against the church,
  • there is no anti-CHC agenda,
  • there is no media witchhunt out to crucify Kong Hee for crimes he didn’t commit.

His crimes were serious: financial fraud, the misuse of donated monies, the appropriation of organizational funds into a personal bank account. This is a simple matter of a man who might have started out with pure intentions but then got greedy and then got scared and tried to hide the matter from the light of day, because he knew that the matter could not stand the light of day.

It’s okay to admit that Kong Hee made a mistake. It’s painful but important. It doesn’t discount that fact that he might have helped many other people, that CHC has helped the poorest of the poor, the handicapped and the mentally retarded and the depressed, yes.

It does not take away from all the good that he did. But the good does not outweigh the mistake either.

The mistake exists, and it cannot be ignored or swept under a carpet.

by Samuel Caleb Wee 
Link :  Death of A Halo: Of Kong Hee, CHC, and Christianity.

On the Kong Hee scandal

Excerpts :

Just some thoughts on Kong Hee and friends.

First of all, I find it ironic that it is the people outside of City Harvest Church, most of whom have never donated a single cent to the Church, who are expressing the most angst and fury. 

  • It is good to want to see justice done, but what is this impassioned hatred for?
  •  Because CHC is big?
  • Because their converts are persistent?
  • Because you “just don’t like them”?
  • Because China Wine sounds bad to you?


  • I don’t understand why many CHC members are in denial and insisting that Kong Hee and friends are decidedly innocent and that God will acquit them, when the verdict is not out.
  • Of course, not all CHC members are making such statements and representations, but a significant portion is doing so,
  • enough to give the public perception that they are – as the public gleefully expects – lending blind support to their leaders despite the incriminating facts suggesting otherwise.
by joeljoshuagoh
Link : On the Kong Hee scandal

 ‘Sinners’ are not treated equally

Kong Hee’s blind faith in his wife’s singing has parted the Marina Barrage, there are several lessons and unhealthy patterns in Singaporean (or maybe any) society.

This blog  ( On the Kong Hee scandal ) like many others include arguments we can agree with and also disagree, but my main point is that ‘sinners’ are not treated equally.

– Kong Hee & pals – in spite of Geisha Ho, there are people who will see the goodness & forgive.

– Yaw SL & WP – in spite of the women & sex, there are people who will vote WP & forgive.

– Mah BT & Wong KS – no flat no terrorist
– Those who invited foreigners
– Those who didn’t cater for monsoons
– Baey YK & the dog whisperer – he is hounded by wild dogs
– 48 with under 18 – disgrace of the elite & the rich
– Woffles Wu – plastic surgery won’t repair his life
– SCDF Chief – putting out the wrong fire
– DPM Teo & 17 yr old – well, “What do you think?”

Why do some like Kong Hee have supporters who will vouch for his integrity & continue to eat with him while the

PAP & those without die-hard supporters are not allowed similar kindness for its perceived cock-ups?

by a netizen

I just want to see the law being carried out, all the forgiveness can come later.

Its just a case of 旁观者清. When those within are openly supporting him and “are in denial and insisting that Kong Hee and friends are decidedly innocent”, it is just going to make reinforce the outsider’s idea that they were indeed blinded.

Did you see Howard Shaw’s family, or his employees out in full force to protest his innocence, or to tell the rest of the outsiders to shut up, or to block the media from doing their jobs?

I just want to see the law being carried out, all the forgiveness can come later. And lest I forget, the alleged misappropriation of church funds by Kong Hee and his inner circle does NOT negate all the good that they have done so far. Similarly, all the good they have done so far is not a fair reason to explain away their alleged misdeeds. Its only a mitigation factor. And mitigation is done AFTER a person has been convicted, before sentencing. Not prior.

by a netizen

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2 comments on “On Kong Hee, the inner circle of 5 from CHC’ Saga : why ‘Sinners’ are not treated equally

  1. Bak Kwang Koh says:

    Charity work does not exclusively just belong to CH or the church.Every other faith has done excellent good works and charity. Oprah has done much more but the good does not compensate for her false gospel. This is not about weighing good works against sin. If salvation was about highlighting good works, we will all be headed for hell.

  2. Bak Kwang Koh says:

    I cannot understand why some people get so upset about people outside of City Harvest making comments on the current scandal in CH. The truth is that when the shit hits the fan, those churches and christians outside of CH will also be tainted regardless of whether they gave money to CH or not. The world will pour scorn and cry shame on the whole body of Christ, even on those who never belong or gave to CH. And yet there are those who shamelessly tell ‘outsiders’ to mind their own business. They will, if you can isolate the shame to yourself within the walls of CH.

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