5 arrested for misuse of City Harvest Church building fund

SINGAPORE – The Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) today arrested the following five persons connected to the City Harvest Church (CHC).

On May 31, 2010, CAD commenced an investigation into certain financial transactions of CHC after receiving information of misuse of CHC funds, according to a police statement released today.

Following a “thorough investigation” by the CAD, the Police said the following five individuals will be charged for conspiracy to commit criminal breach of trust as an agent under section 409 read with section 109 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224:

– Kong Hee, then president of CHC Management Board;

– Tan Ye Peng, vice-president of CHC Management Board;

– Lam Leng Hung, member of CHC Management Board;

– Chew Eng Han, co-shareholder/director of AMAC Capital Partners, investment manager of CHC; and

– Tan Shao Yuen Sharon, finance manager of CHC.

Tan Ye Peng, Chew Eng Han and Tan Shao Yuen Sharon will also be charged for conspiracy to commit falsification of accounts under section 477A of the Penal Code, Chapter 224.

All five will be charged in court tomorrow.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Teo Chee Hean, commenting on the charges, stressed that City Harvest “is free to continue its church services and activities” despite the charges filed against the five.

“The charges filed by CAD are against five individuals from the City Harvest Church regarding the use of Church funds. They are not filed against CHC itself,” said Dr Teo.

“The CAD carries out investigations when it receives information that a criminal offence may have been committed. CAD had previously investigated the National Kidney Foundation and Ren Ci.

“As the matter is now before the courts, we should let the law take its course and avoid speculation or making pre-judgements that may unnecessarily stir up emotions.”

 Jun 26, 2012 , Todayonline
Link : 5 arrested for misuse of City Harvest Church building fund

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  • this is very strong evidence that SGP, the Law is impartial, once u break it, the Law will heck care how many million of followers u have, or how influential your organisation is. even ardent followers of God are not spared in the eyes of SGP law.
  • From the comments out there, seems kong hee, sun Ho, chc n prosperity gospel do not have less enemies than PAP. Either these people are sour grapes, or some are already pounding on the chance to blame this fiasco on PAP again. Some people r just so angry…I wonder why? Cos they din get the chance to squander other people’s money?
  • Hopefully, his followers are discerning enough to differentiate between right and wrong. In any case, the judiciary should not be too worried or even consider about the reaction or response of these people. Justice must prevail and will prevail.
  •  I don’t wish to start a religion debate or anything….but one thing I have to say, If you donate or gave tithes & offerings for God’s Work, it should be solely use for His Work or the ministry of the church….& nothing else….
  •  Religion has got nothing to do with this. It is Man who misused religion to advance his own greed.
  • as a temple goer, i give cos i want to, i dont ask how they use it. as they say, reap what u sow. if people want to mis-appropriate these monies, they will reap the consequences in the current or next life. i believe for Christians, they will one day have to face God and answer to him. so if i were them, i wont ask too.
  •  My view is, all region convey right thinking or shall I say principles. What went wrong along the way was caused by some people who drifted away from the right path because of whatever reasons they had, whether knowingly or unknowingly. What is right or wrong? It may just have started from the mind.

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