A Greek tragedy: Security implications of GE 2016’s change in management.- The MIW have been voted out….

Excerpt :

Greeks will cast their votes tomorrow for a new government in a legislative election that has captured world attention.

Singaporeans will get their chance to do so come 2016 when a General Election (GE) is held to pick elected representatives for the Lion City’s 13th Parliament.

If Internet chatter is to be believed, GE 2016 will be a watershed moment in Singapore’s electoral history. Netizens have seeded theories that the upcoming GE will be the one where political giants are unrooted with fresh blood brought into Parliament House to give an alternative voice to Singaporeans.

As your vote is secret, it’s anybody’s guess what voting patterns will look like in 2016. Supporters of the Men in White (MIW) point to decades of peace, progress and prosperity as assurances that Singaporeans will continue to vote the party into power. Those in other camps cheer the trend analysis for GE 2011 and are buoyed by prospects of a stronger vote share at the next GE.

Role of the SAF and Home Team post GE 2016

Whichever theory holds true, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and Home Team agencies (police, civil defence, prisons, anti narcotics and immigration authorities) will have to obey the political party voted into power. The mission of protecting Singapore’s vital interests will have to continue – people can vote in whichever politician they fancy but can never vote out or wish away security threats.

The party voted into power come 2016 will find itself in charge of a modernised Third Generation SAF that is powerfully armed, operationally ready and continues to evolve to update itself against emerging threats. Upkeep of such military power is expensive. The budget for the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) commands the biggest slice of the Singapore Budget and represents about a third of government spending. This is a cash cow newbie politicians may be tempted to slaughter in an effort to redirect funds to appease voters.

The security implications of a status quo are well known as the MIW has led Singapore since its expulsion from the Federation of Malaysia in 1965. The impact on Singapore’s security scene of a new party voted into power will be the topic du jour as we should think through what this means for the SAF and Home Team and, most important of all, for Singaporeans who brought this change unto themselves. This is the freak election result theory that the MIW has long warned us about. Is this merely scare mongering or is there more to it that is beyond the obvious?

GE 2016: Freak election result

The last vote has been counted and results of GE 2016 are shared in realtime in cyberspace and via the mainstream media. The reality for Singaporeans is slowly beginning to sink in: The MIW have been voted out.

More Comments from the net : 
  • The scenario about purging those in the msm, civil service, etc that are too closely allied to the previous government is not that far-fetched if we really got ‘the government we deserved’ in the next GE. In fact, it would be bizarre if it didn’t happen.
    This will be a real ‘black swan’ event.
  • I think he wrote it well, the scenario of what wld happen if the Opps esp WP took over as Govt. I’ve thot about it myself and it’s not far from his take on it. Do any of you have the confidence or belief that the Opps will stand together and think Sg first and consider long term repercussions on our people and tiny island? They will most likely think partisanship and self-survival. That means get rid of all connected to PAP, gd and bad, and start spending money like there’s no tomorrow. They are already spending our reserves in their minds and manifestos. Doomsday thinking? Nope. Reality of things to come based on what has been said and done by the Opps.

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