“It’s not all about government schemes, or about redistribution… it’s also about culture.” — DPM Tharman

Involving the community to give back to the community

  • by encouraging the able to help those in need,
  • tapping wider community resources for community self-help in sustained and innovative ways.


Breakfast sets at 50 cents being offered once a month
Translation from InSing: http://news.insing.com/tabloid/breakfast-sets-at-50-cents-being-offered-once-a-month/id-6c513f00

Punggol South is currently working with unions and coffee shops to enable the elderly and poor families to buy a simple breakfast meal for just $0.50.

It already has the scheme in place at a coffee shop located at block 684 in Punggol South.

The project, titled ‘Good Morning Punggol South’ allows elderly folks from the age of 50 and above and low-income families to buy breakfast at a discounted rate on a selected day each month.

The breakfast set consists of coffee, egg and bread.

Other stall owners of the coffee shop have also started lending their support and are offering $1 to $1.50 discounts on their food items.

According to MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol and Grassroots Advisor for Punggol South GROs, Gan Thiam Poh, one of the objectives of the project is to entice the elderly to go out more and make new friends, so that they can encourage and support each other.

Mr Gan said that while the project is on a monthly basis currently, it will gradually be changed to once every fortnight before reaching their final target of providing cheap breakfast sets once a week. He added that they will take things step by step and may extend the scheme beyond just coffee shops.

Source: Shin Min Daily News, 12 June 2012.


10,000 dumplings for charity. Made by 220 volunteers from Pasir Ris and Xinyi at Elias CC, and distributed to 24 homes.
Well done everyone.

* re post from Fabrications About The PAP


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