Graduated from NUS Business School and “harboured high hope of a good life afterwards”, but is graduation the KEY to unlocking a good life ?

Excerpts :
‎”From my observation, organizations generally preferred females (including foreign females) for the positions I applied for. These positions include administration, accounting, banking, finance, operations (office-based), human resources, retail services and sales support.

Organizations only employed males for engineering, sales and technical positions. I did not have the relevant engineering and technical background.

I have also noticed that more sales positions are now occupied by females leaving me wondering what kind of jobs are available for guys!”


Comments from Netizens :

  • ‎”I am a 35-year-old male home-grown Singapore Chinese citizen. I graduated in 2000 from NUS Business School and harboured high hope of a good life afterwards.”
    This is his problem, he thought his graduation is the key to unlocking a good life. Just because he has graduated from NUS Business School, he expects a good life to follow.He’s an unthinking victim of ‘conventional wisdom’ and out of touch with reality. He has no empathy and has no general idea what qualities and attributes employers are looking for in an employee and therefore he doesn’t know how to make himself more appealing to prospective employers. His propensity to blame others instead of taking personal responsibility will also hurt him.

    His future prospect will be even dimmer after getting a ‘career coach’ from Gilbert Goh.

  • Aren’t they the kind of “elitist” that all the oppies are talking of?
    The PAP MPs n what not that are “parachuted” into office each bearing high accolades n profiles from “good” Uni?
    Sounds so familiar!
  • I don’t think he has tried hard enough.
    It doesn’t mean that you have a university degree, it will bring you high up, it depends on several factors. Also, it depends on ones work attitude and performance, relationship with superior and fellow colleagues.
    I’ve seen such people who often put the blame on the system or others, but they never do a self reflection that sometimes the problem actually lies with them.
    It is about how you manage your expectation. In this case, I feel that instead of complaining, he should do something about it.
    If he is a 35 years old mature and responsible man, he would be courages and strong enough to go through any adversity in life. It’s a pity that I see him so weak and immature, in such case he is not able to go far in his life. good luck to him.
    He can continue to blame the system and others, but he is going to where.
  • Sometimes its not the organization but the person who has the problem. Looking at his rant. The problem lies in himself for having too high expectations for his salary. I know many guys in banking and finances, retail, operations and accounting and even HR. Who is he kidding?
  • Based on the article, it may be that this guy lacks EQ. Someone with high EQ is highly employable, regardless of male or female.
  •  I’ve got 3 guys working in “legal secretary” type jobs out of 8 of these positions in my firm. It used to be 8 out of 8. So what is he ranting about? Just focus on looking instead of complaining, he’ll find a job faster.
  • And is there a problem with selling insurance or being self-employed. It beats sitting and home griping.
    I’ve tried both and to this day, I think my short 3-year stint of selling insurance taught me life skills which I am still falling back on on a daily basis. It taught me the importance of value-add, perseverance, being positive, having a thick skin etc.
  • Guess this guy has yet to go through the ‘University of Hard Knocks’ , he can’t be expecting good position & good pay job to come knocking at his doors… he needs perhaps someone to knock some senses into him..
  • I am quite convinced the problem began with him n is still in him. My own brother was in part time employ once too, n it ended there – he was engaged full time after they experienced his aptitude n attitude . I was both proud n happy for him, as that quality keeps surfacing in my siblings – n I have 11- this is a gene pool or what ?
    I believe not, we were all from the school of hard knocks, n we don’t worry so much the start salary but know that we will be paid favorably after we show our mettle – never fails :)
  • I was once paid less than a fresh graduate too….. during the Lehman crisis….. and had to rely on leftover bento boxes for lunch. But zoom forward to 3 years later, my salary has more than doubled, and is considered reasonable. Not high, but reasonable.
  • This young man has absolutely no confidence in his own ability, or maybe he has no ability to secure n maintain a job. So just blame something or someone else. I would not employ him with such a defeatist attitude. 
  • As long as we are daring to remain competitive and willing to innovate as a society/nation, there will always be opportunities for those who are will to go that extra mile.  Sadly for many, the failure stamp from within themselves.
    Rather than reaching out to seize whatever opportunties, they lament continuously, and always seeking excuses for their own inabilities. And they are too afraid of failures, which IMHO are essential elements for eventual success.
  • I have long suspected that there’s a certain kind of quality character-wise in oppies verses us. I seem to hear the same gripe coming from them n the same retort coming from us. I always considered these ppl as having defeatist n entitlement attitude as against the “undeterred by strife” kind of attitude that I often felt exuding from all here all the time. I wonder if we can actually identify a potential pro establishment from a potential oppie way in advance like in profiling! Hehe!
  • I know some successful people who are somewhat pro-oppie for philosophical reasons also lah. But it’s understandable why some “losers” type are pro-oppie. They need someone to blame. So the government is a convenient scapegoat. It gives them a “sense of purpose” to have a “cause”.
  •  If people think it’s difficult to survive in SG, try other countries. If they can’t survive here, what makes them think they can survive elsewhere? I told my contacts before. The things about  SG is that, the govt brings in the $$$, and then it’s up to us individuals to use our brains how to get that $$$. Plain simple. Whilst others are complaining, I’m thinking how to get the $$$.
  •  It was first hinted by LKY back then – u must be brave n skilful to ride the tiger to survive, for if u fell, u’ll surely be eaten! … Never forgot that statement since then! We need to persevere n be brave in the face of any obstacles, n try not to fall 🙂
  • More n more I hear that same old story, hope it’s just being tiredly repeated by a few that causes me to feel like there are so many of these kind only! If not, then it is good luck to us instead!
  •  He should blame himself than the meritocratic educational system.
    He should go down to the 3rd Country to experience for a while & then he will be thankful for what he has.
  • I did a learning ability test before, and was told that on average, Singaporeans are rated less than our neighbours on creativity, since everything is served to us on a platter. That’s why this guy is uncreative in his jobsearch. When I did the test, I scored well in most areas, except the observation and creativity skills. Typical Singaporean.

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