Q: First and foremost, have you experienced discrimination?

A: As mentioned earlier on, I am an Indo-Chinese, but I do not speak fluent Chinese because my mother tongue is actually Malay. However, I do look like a typical Singaporean Chinese. Because of this, many hawkers have mistaken me for being a Singaoporean Chinese and speak really fast Chinese to me. There was this case where I was trying to buy some food from this auntie in a hawker centre and she spoke to me in Chinese and I couldn’t comprehend what she said. So, I told her that I am not a Singaporean and I don’t understand Chinese. The auntie then started rambling in Chinese (roughly) about how youths today ignore their 2nd language… saying that I was lucky to be in Singapore where the government emphasizes on 2nd language… and said that Indonesia’s not a good country. I knew…

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