“Doubts over leniency call for ‘Sticker Lady’ n ” Vandalism is Vandalism. Don’t try to cheat us by calling it Art! ” (SKlo saga)

Ms Samantha Lo, nicknamed Sticker Lady, is currently out on police bail. About 12,500 people have signed a petition calling for leniency. — PHOTO: FACEBOOK

Some say law should take its course as her supporters change tack.

A group of netizens on Wednesday pledged to distribute stickers to rally support for a young artist arrested for vandalism, but by last night had changed tack.

They feared it would complicate the woes of Ms Samantha Lo, the artist who allegedly pasted stickers on traffic lights and stencil-painted roads and buildings with Singlish phrases.

Instead, they will now distribute stickers to creative agencies and foreigners not currently in Singapore, they said.

They were among the band of netizens who on Wednesday continued to express support for Ms Lo – nicknamed Sticker Lady – who was arrested on Sunday night and is now out on police bail.

Supporters are pushing for her to be charged with causing a public nuisance instead of vandalism.

About 12,500 people have so far signed an online petition to get her charge, if or when it is filed, downgraded to that of an offence under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act.

They say the Act, applicable to those being tried for defacing a public building, wall or fence without permission, is more appropriate because her alleged actions were harmless. Those convicted under the nuisance Act can be fined up to $1,000.

Those found guilty of vandalism, on the other hand, can be fined up to $2,000 or jailed for up to three years; if the perpetrator is male, he may be caned.

But a number of netizens are also saying that the push for leniency is misguided.

  • Among the minority saying the law should take its course is sales manager Benjamin Kong, 39, who wrote in a Facebook post that special treatment for Ms Lo would ‘go against the spirit of a good legal system’.

He told The Straits Times on Wednesday: ‘If you want to support a culture of innovation, petition to get the law changed instead.’

Pleading leniency for her just gives licence to those seeking to override the law for their own ends, he added.

Lawyer Chia Boon Teck said the authorities have to consider the consequences of taking the case lightly, as it may embolden others to push the envelope.

‘Where do you draw the line?’ he said. ‘If I draw a yellow line outside my house to stop cars blocking my driveway, is that art or graffiti?’

Others said the authorities are following a precedent. Swiss national Oliver Fricker was charged in 2010 with vandalism for spray-painting graffiti on an MRT train; he was also charged with trespass at the MRT depot.

Advertising executive Eugene Liao, 29, said: ‘Even if you feel sympathy for Ms Lo, let the judge make his decision first. She may not get the full penalty.’

Meanwhile, the woman at the centre of the storm has replaced her original Tumblr page with the image of a sticker.

The page used to have photographs of the circular stickers in various locations, as well as a shot of the stencilled ‘My Grandfather Road’ painted on the road in front of the Ministry of National Development building.

The 25-year-old – who founded online magazine RCGNTN and is a content curator for the National Art Gallery’s Canvas project, among other things – last took to social media site Twitter on Tuesday to say she was grateful to her supporters and touched by them.

By Feng Zengkun
zengkun@sph.com.sg,  Published on Jun 7, 2012, StraitsTimes


Comments re post the  Net and Fabrications About The PAP 

  • Why did the group change tack? Are they initially instigating others to paste the distributed stickers on public properties too?
  •  For those who do not understand how the legal system works, you must know that punishments are not given at the whims and fancy of judges. There are several factors that are taken into consideration, one of which is the existence of any precedence. Simply put, has someone else committed something similar? If so, then in theory, the punishment should be the same. What can change the severity of the punishment will be mitigating and aggravating factors. If the courts reduce her punishment for reasons not mentioned here, then it sets a precedence for future cases, and is also unfair to the people who have committed similar crimes prior to her, right? Anyway, people should not rush to defend or attack the judgement when it hasn’t even been made yet.
  • oh yes, fight for her, let her get off, then i can safely tell my 2 “”artistic”” boys that they can now do their masterpieces on public property – buildings / roads/lamp posts / void decks…, don’t need to be just restrticed to my home.
  •  If the petition gets through, $1000 is all that this sticker lady gonna pay for her act, then I’m afraid we will be sending such as a message to the rich spoilt brats: “It’s ok to name the public road yours, all you need to do is to pay the fine of $1000.”
    But is this the message that we want to send?
  • Has she ever considered that she’s not actually very good?
  • She put stickers and painted on public property without the consent of the authority. It is wrong and I wish to transmit this value – to respect the law. Why she did it we can only speculate unless we hear from her. Most young people are idealistic. Without proper guidance and a good mentor, they may not have the benefit to weigh what is acceptable or not acceptable, right or wrong. So, they do what they deem is correct or right.
  • Vandalism is Vandalism. Don’t try to cheat us by calling it Art!
  • She is really asking for trouble and deserved to be punished as she is bluntly going against the law “‘My Grandfather Road’ painted on the road in front of the Ministry of National Development building” and posting it on her website!
  • Every Singaporean should know that vandalism is a crime and since she know it mean she is not so innocent. Plus even if she know how to draw the mona lisa that do not mean she can draw anything at any where she want.
  • she need to be punish, being a Sporeans we should know our law.
  • I m not pissed by she was caught. I am pissed by her supporters stupidity and hypocrisy.
  • get her to use solvent to clean off the paint, and bill her for the cleaning materials.
  •  why would this incident be political? Why are all the anti pap sites are cashing on this and blaming the government?
  • Mr Kamal Dollah –

    • Art is art, crime is crime. Crime is distinctive and very clear-cut…. Art on the other hand is subjective.
    • I don’t find it stifling (to be an artist) in Singapore. It’s not a situation where it is very rigid here. Those who find it stifling are not creative enough.
    • such artists don’t lose their street credibility at all, in fact, if they can do their art and get paid, it’s a great bonus

The New Paper, Thursday June 7 

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