Blog of the (Public Transport) Fare Review Mechanism Committee 2012. We want to hear your views

Hello everybody,

My name is Richard Magnus and I chair the Fare Review Mechanism Committee, or FRMC for short. Together with my committee, our job as the FRMC is to review the effectiveness of the current fare adjustment formula and to propose improvements. We will be working towards a revised fare review framework that will balance keeping public transport fares affordable, especially for those from low-income households, while ensuring that our Public Transport Operators (PTOs) remain viable as commercial entities. Finding the right balance is not easy, but we are committed to doing the best we can.

Every day, around 5.4 million trips are made on our bus and rail network. We recognise the important role public transport plays in our lives, and we will seek the views of the public and consult as widely as we can so that we can take on board different views.

On behalf of the Committee, I would like to invite you to contribute to our review process by sending us your suggestions on what would be key considerations as well as any specific suggestions on how the fare formula and its implementation can be improved. We assure you that all feedback will be considered. We may also wish to meet with some of you to follow up further on your ideas and suggestions. Please help us by sending in your ideas by 12 August 2012 so that we can make the necessary arrangements to meet with you. Nonetheless, we will continue to accept public feedback after this deadline.

Please send your feedback to: or PO Box 1025, Singapore 914035.

The Committee comprises 12 other members drawn from a wide spectrum of society to work on this review together, to understand and represent the diverse views from different segments of society.

Some of us, namely Vincent, Colin, Karmjit, Shafiie, Sock Yong and myself, have served on the Public Transport Council (PTC) for some time and are relatively familiar with the current fare framework as well as the workings of the PTOs. Shafiie and myself were only recently appointed to the PTC and we hope to be able to bring a fresh perspective to the review.

Our team also comprises of Seng Choon, who is from the Consumer Association of Singapore, as well as Teo Ping and Richard who bring extensive banking/auditing experience in the corporate sector to our review. Teo Ping and Richard are also with the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre and National Council of Social Services respectively, and can share their understanding of the needs of the less fortunate within our society based on their work in the social sector. Imad and Tuty are the youngest members of the committee and have been actively working with youths through their involvement in the National Youth Council and the Tampines Youth Executive Committee, respectively. I believe they will help bring on board the perspectives of young people to the review. Shafiie and Tuty’s involvement in grassroots activities should also help us better understand the needs of the community at large. Joining us will also be Euston and Sock Yong, who are professors from Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University respectively, and Rasi from the National Transport Workers’ Union to help provide the perspective of transport workers who depend on the continued financial viability of the PTOs for their livelihood.

With the committee made up entirely of volunteers, we are grateful to have the support of a small team of public officers from the Ministry of Transport, the Land Transport Authority and the PTC who will help us with background research as well as logistical and administrative matters.

We expect to conclude our study by early next year. We will use this blog to post periodic updates on our review.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Source : Blog of the Fare Review Mechanism Committee 2012


To SDP, remember to submit your report before the deadline not after. And send it to the committee not the PMO.

To WP, remember to share your proposal with the committee in full instead of keeping “what-you-thought-was-best” only for parliamentary debate. Don’t commit another MX9 fiasco.

by Fabrications About The PAP 


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