Would you volunteer your cars for the stickers and “My Grandfather Car” sprayed painted on it to support the Arts? (Review sentence of SKL0)

Lucky for this young lady, Ms Samantha Lo, caning is reserved for male criminals aged under 50.
First it was sticker on traffic lights. Then it was “My Grandfather Road” painted on road. Now “My Grandfather Building” painted on building.

Anyone who think this is fun, would you volunteer your cars for the stickers and “My Grandfather Car” sprayed painted on it to support the Arts?

“The police have classified the case as vandalism under Section 3 of the Vandalism Act, Chapter 341, and investigations are ongoing.

If convicted, the woman could face a fine of up to $2,000 or a jail term of up to three years.”

Notable Comments:
“its important to respect public property” –– Megha Lim

Comments for the net : 
  • ok, stickers are still fine, but spray-paint is a bit pushing it too far.
    How do we define “street art”. can “O$P$” spray-painted on walls be considered “street art”? 
  •  Stickers can just peel off.
    Defacing roads and buildings need to repaint or repave the roads. How much it is going to cost?
    These people call it art.
    Who’s gonna remove/clean them? or shall we leave it as they are considered “street art”?
    What if everyone start making stickers and tagging them everywhere?
    What if some are really meaningless and create a whole mess? how do you draw the line between “street art” and “vandalism”?
    While 3 yrs is the “official” sentence for such offence, i personally think she’ll be let off with a fine and community service.
  •  I’m very encouraged by the outpouring of support of the 25 year-old artist by many
    Singaporeans who are very passionate about nurturing LOCAL creative and artistic talents.
    I’m an aspiring artist and like SKL0, I too like to express my creativity through pasting of funny stickers and stenciling funny messages.
    I am looking for supporters of SKL0 who would like to nurture an aspiring local artist like me and who are willing to contribute the walls and floors of their homes and/or their cars for me to paste funny stickers and to stencil funny messages.
    If you do not support SKL0 and do not condemn her arrest, you are guilty of censoring arts and killing artistic talents in Singapore.
    If you support SKL0 and are not willing to contribute your walls, floors and/or your car for my artistic exploration, you are guilty of discrimination or hypocrisy.
  • there is a difference between vandalism and Art. there is always a time, place and opportunity to perform either act. I do not condone such acts of vandalism and it will require Punishment. There are various avenues to contribute artistic exploration and talent development. but it not defacing on public property.
    It will only end up with more taxpayers money to clean up “artistic thrash”.
    What will we see next? political motivated messages?

2 comments on “Would you volunteer your cars for the stickers and “My Grandfather Car” sprayed painted on it to support the Arts? (Review sentence of SKL0)

  1. J says:

    While you make some note-worthy points, I think the point of street art is that it remains visible to public eye, not on the walls of homes.

    Since you’re an aspiring artist like skl0, why don’t you visit some sites to expand your knowledge on how the spectrum of street art does not limit itself to paint and stickers?

    Here’s one to start you off with.


  2. We do not agree with what skl0 did, in fact we do not think she is an artist. 🙂

    Btw, thanks for the link.

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