Pre-U Seminar Reflection : To the Blogger of fifthazure (who criticized DPM Teo Chee Hean) : Outright Rude, Mindless and 没家教

Repost from  Fabrications About The PAP  :

Received in the email:
We picked this response from a fellow netizen:

Recently I read a blog post from another student who was also at the Pre-U Seminar organized by NUS.
(See Photo)

In his blog, the writer criticized Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean.

Wait, no. That was a huge understatement. The writer actually said “f— you” to the DPM at least 3 times in his blog, with a generous serving of both sarcasm and arrogance to boot.

While I certainly can’t agree with the DPM on every issue raised during the seminar, I think this blogger was manifestly unfair to describe Mr Teo in such a light.

For the longest time, we Singaporeans have complained that the government doesn’t care about our feelings, or don’t want to hear our views. Well guess what, that’s precisely what DPM Teo tried to do when he came over to chat with us in that auditorium.

I personally thought he spoke politely and humbly with the lot of us, despite being old enough to be our grandfather. Yeah, maybe we do disagree with some of the points he made, or some of the policies of his political party, but that does not mean you should vent your disagreements in such a vulgar fashion.

Yes, it’s true that our generation is slowly becoming more politically aware. We are more vocal and more candid in expressing our political views than our parents were. But this is no excuse to disrespect even your political opponents.

There’s only one way to describe the blogger of fifthazure: 没家教。

There is a bright line between freedom of expression and disrespect.

To the people of my generation, come on! We’re better than this!

Our generation will play a pivotal role in shaping the political future of Singapore. It is our choice, our opportunity to develop Singapore into a mature democracy, where a hundred flowers can bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend.

Or we can dive into gutter politics like this guy, who thinks he’s so cool and so ‘independent’ to hurl profanities against someone else. Sadly, the online media is feeding the frenzy, and there is hardly a voice of reason to stop this madness.

It would be tragically ironic that my generation, the generation that refused to be mindless and unthinking servants, swung into the other extreme, where we become mindless and unthinking haters instead.

The writer is a student who attended the seminar and has a passion for history and political science.
He/she prefers to stay anonymous because sometimes the voice of reason is the one most likely to be hunted down by those who are most unreasonable.


Comments  from the net and Fabrications About The PAP

  • a) The post is plain rude. 
    b) Nothing wrong with DPM Teo asking the students to offer solutions instead of just asking “what is the govt going to do about XYZ”.
    c) Even if the writer didn’t like it, he could have stood up and said so, instead of hurling pot shots from a corner. This is cowardly behaviour.
    d) If all this came from a student, it is downright disappointing.
  • from my perspective, i think DPM Teo is doing the right thing in a youth forum. everyone knows how to bring up problems/issues. but how many can provide solutions?
    Analytical development is a process and it should start young, this is a challenge to all who are concern about singapore’s future.
    The blog post is very biased and lack of depth. it doesnt value add to any current issues. im amazed the amount of attention drew to it. just another rant from another brat.
  • The student is outright rude but what upsets me more are the online endorsement of his action.Online, adults are actually singing him praises and hailing him as hero for speaking up.
    I really wonder how these ppl who r sending encouragement calls to this young man feel when their very own son scream “”f*** you”” in their faces, or in the social media.
    Consdiering these youths who atteneded the PUS r probably the brighter ones, I was indeed disillusioned when I read that rude blog.
    This latest reply by another youth at the same PUS does kinda help to assure me that not all is lost in our young generation.
  • Not everyone has an answer for everything. So does this boy got an answer?
    Maybe should ask him what is his purpose of representing his JC to attend the Pre-University Forum 2012?
    Is his purposes just to cry like a baby and swear like a ganster?
    Shame on him.
  • DPM wants the views of these young people to know what they think as they ask these questions.
    There is nothing wrong for him to know how these people think so as to improve of the governance of Singapore.
  • This to me is a sign of time to come.
    All these poeple, young or old, has adopted this American ideology – the notion of the power of the vote – vote for answers, keep voting and you’ll get the answer – like they are buying lottery/4 digits.
    Just keep throwing money at it n one day you’ll strike!
    True in every sense u will strike it, but nobody thought abt the accumulated cost.
    Here too, I sincerely doubt they ever considered their resultant cost when they adopt such a strategy, did they remember our size n our lack of everything except us SGreans? This is the kind of SGreans taking over the citizenry when me ang my age group pass on? Good luck n God bless!
  • I believe there are already students or children having the opportunity in social service helping out in regional countries, even school exchange program is already happening for some time. However, it may still be a limited percentage of them. I think many adults do have access to the low income or 3rd world countries, they know what it is like when they are there. It is their responsibility to share with their children the reality. This is why we often say, education starts from home. The future of our children is not in the hands of others, it is very much in the hands of the parents themselves. Nurturing the kids is not just by giving them a shelter, school education, meals, things they need and want, holidaying, money, etc., value is important.
  • We don’t need to send them abroad to see how fortunate they are. We just need to expose them to the less fortunate in Singapore, have a weekly volunteer event…. and those who bring the kids to this event, inculcate the value that we all have a part to play in this society, and we can all do something to make someone else’s lives better. The responsibility does not always lie with others.  You see a need, you want to fulfil that need, you come together and do something abt. that need.
  • They expect DPM Teo to be an information counter to have information and policies right out from there and then ? Looking at razor video can see he is trying to ask about their own views before stating his. Of coz some of it he might not have the answers as he isn’t well verse iin. Perhaps asking other mps that handle such problems would better?
    This is a perfect example of what our younger generation has become. Pampered kids.
  • DPM Teo is merely engaging the students. Asking them for feedback and see what they think, instead of TELLING them what is, he is asking them to decide what is.
  •  Give them solutions, they say forcing things down their throats, their views are not sought. Ask them for opinions or solutions, argue they are too young to know and that’s what MPs are paid to do ie provide solutions. Are these people for real?!
  • They can’t event think for themselves and try to get a solution but just know how to swear like nobody business, what hope do this generation have? So disappointed! They think that this is cool, but I think it makes them look really stupid. It is indeed unfortunate and I would say that there is room for improvement for everyone for future dialogue session.
  •  I THOUGHT THEY HATED BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO? So why so upset when DPM ask your opinion?
  •  this young imatured student just don’t know what’s ‘constructive engagement’ , such opportunity as given and yet did’nt know how to answer back with opinions & view points , what a loss …
  •  this young chap is probably not representative of the bulk of the JC students. Reminded me of the students in soeul. Full of energy to protest and sometimes with physical street demos and barricades while they are students. After graduation, most would just turned docile and all conforming.
    As for those with rude and unruly behaviour, often its probably reflective of angst arising from “loser mentality” of the individual.


Excerpt :

DPM Teo answers…
DEPUTY Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean shared his insight with students on a wide range of topics, including the following:

Press freedom:

‘Look at what’s happening in the United Kingdom, in the United States, over in their press. It’s controlled in a different way, with vested interests, interest groups and so on. They are not objective and they are not non-partisan.
‘What we want to have in Singapore is a responsible media and a responsible media space where… we can have a reasonable discussion among Singaporeans, with each other, and come to a good outcome.’

On pursuing one’s dreams:

‘Listen to what your parents have to say, take it seriously, weigh it, but also understand that you should also be prepared to pursue your passions if you want to.’

On building a sense of identity with Singapore:

‘When you do something to help build a place, you have a sense of ownership over it. If you’re given something, you value it less than if you’ve built it.

‘I think the whole process of building something is an important part of a sense of belonging.’

On whether city-states decline:

‘Is it preordained that we will succeed? The answer is no. Is it preordained that a city-state must decline? I think the answer is also no. But whether it declines or remains a shining star really depends on you and what you decide to do with it.’

On Singaporeans who can adapt to being anywhere in the world:

‘One of the dilemmas we have is that making you world-ready has also made you world-mobile. In fact, you can go and find your future anywhere in the world.

‘But we also don’t want to do the opposite – which is to limit the way you are educated so you can’t go anywhere.

‘I think that, in the end, what we do want to do is… continue to strive to make Singapore as vibrant and attractive a place for Singaporeans.’


9 comments on “Pre-U Seminar Reflection : To the Blogger of fifthazure (who criticized DPM Teo Chee Hean) : Outright Rude, Mindless and 没家教

  1. g says:

    Good on you for writing this.

  2. […] Educate Our Youth – Random Thoughts of A Free Thinker: A Response To A 17 Year Old Cynic – guanyinmiao’s musings: An Email Reply To Fifth Azure, Author Of “**** You, DPM Teo” – SG Hard Truth: Pre-U Seminar Reflection : To the Blogger of fifthazure (who criticized DPM Teo Chee Hean) : Outrigh… […]

  3. Daniel Yap says:

    So many comments within posts… feels like reading Inception… 😛

    I think TCH addresses most issues well, but delivers the government line for things like press freedom (subjective words like “responsible”, “good outcome”). Sadly, these very issues are the bugbears of PAP’s critics (both the vulgar and the civil), which means that things will just go on the way they are going now.

  4. PMET says:

    i was reading the quotes from the DPM.
    what ever he said is just too general.
    there is no concrete plan on how he is going to get to that view he was projecting.

    Just a simple analogy. I can tell people i am going to jurong JTC. But how i get there is a big question mark.
    but if I tell you the different options i am considering to get there, you will have a clearer picture of what i am thinking. And whether one is better than the other or not, you can share your thoughts and i will consider it in my decision process to weight the benefits of each options i raised.

    in the case of the PUS, i think only the general view was shared. What was missing was the options he was considering to get there. mabbe that is why the students are frustrated cos there is nothing worth discussing after the DPM shared his view.

  5. Lim Chor Boon says:

    thanks for having the courage to voice your thoughts. it’s fashionable to go after the “Man” whoever that is.

  6. christy丽婷 says:

    Thank you. Nice post.

  7. J says:

    Thank you for reposting. It cheers me up to know that there are still some of us who believe in objective debating. It doesn’t need to descend into personal attacks on our opponent and certainly doesn’t require expletives to give weight to our argument.

  8. JP says:

    Thank you for being a voice of reason in this. However, I do not agree with the section on ‘Comments from the net and fabrications about the PAP’. Towards the end of the excerpt, the writer was already emotionally charged and had many generalizations on ‘what our generation has become’. He made many assumptions based on his personal thoughts and feelings and the excerpt stopped to be objective. Not unlike the blogger who had an expletive-filled rant about the DPM, the writer is clearly ruled by emotions in this. Not every one of that generation is like this. While I agree that what that boy did was wrong, I do not think that warrants a “没家教”. That’s very harsh and perhaps the problem lies solely with the teen and not his parents.
    On another hand, I think that a dialogue should go two ways. A Senior Secretary of a ministry came to my school once for a dialogue (it was just after the GE2011) and the questions posed to her were political in nature. A few students suggested how certain policies could have been changed and she listened. She then outlined what has been done and why was it done this way. But she was very humble in admitting that not all policies are perfect and that there was still room for improvement. To an auditorium full of students, she was very tactful and careful in choosing her words and my respect for her grew, despite not fully agreeing with her views. Perhaps the DPM should be more prepared and armed with the relevant information to answer the questions, while listening to another person’s suggestion. Perhaps, should he have brought out the current policies in place, there could also be suggestions from the floor and what improvements could be made. The government should take this opportunity to also explain how they have already taken these into consideration and had put in the relevant policies in place. This will serve to let the people understand how the government works.
    Just my two cents’ worth! 🙂

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