No to nursing home, say Bishan residents. About 40 people signed petition to oppose MOH plan

Traffic congestion, loss of recreational space, “poor airflow” and bad feng shui – these were the reasons raised by several of the 200 residents gathered at the Bishan East Community Club for a  dialogue session on the construction of a nursing home in Bishan Street 13. A petition of about 40 names was submitted to oppose the plans.

Around 200 Bishan East residents attended a dialogue session at Bishan East Community Club yesterday, where a petition with about 40 names was submitted to register opposition to the construction of a nursing home.

The proposed Lions Home for the Elders will be six to eight storeys tall and occupy a 0.3ha site facing three blocks of flats in Bishan Street 13. The nursing home will provide nursing and rehabilitative care to patients requiring a longer recovery period after discharge from hospital.

Residents put forth various reasons, ranging from traffic congestion and the loss of recreational space, to “poor airflow” and bad feng shui. One resident also argued that his electrical expenses will increase from having to use his air-conditioner more frequently due to the heat build-up, which would amount to a $7.56 million electricity bill over 70 years. Another resident said that “the old folk will be groaning right into my home”.

The dialogue session was attended by Ministry of Health group director (Aging Planning Office) Yeoh Tsin Woon, Bishan East Grassroots Organization adviser Wong Kan Seng and Bishan East Citizens’ Consultative Committee chairman Chua Thian Poh.

In response, Mr Wong said he understood the residents’ sentiments. “Nobody who has gotten used to breeze… (and) to a piece of land in front where their children can play football, or whatever it is, would now want to see a building coming up.”

Mr Wong added, “The MOH will take into account all the feedback, consider all the alternatives that were mentioned and will get back to the residents.”

In their statement to residents, the MOH said that Bishan East is a middle-aged estate with a higher percentage of residents above 65 (11.3%), compared to the national average (9.3%). The number of elderly residents is expected to double in the next 10 years. MOH will consider other alternatives raised at the dialogue, such as the field in front of Block 156.

To find out more, read The Straits Times article .



One comment on “No to nursing home, say Bishan residents. About 40 people signed petition to oppose MOH plan

  1. jr says:

    We all will grow old in the future. So it is very necessary to have this nursing home to anticipate the future.

    On the other hand we cannot blame the residents in Bishan or for that matter residents anywhere who are against these nursing homes from being built near them.

    All this while, we are given impression that our HDB flats are our assets and we can monetised it when we grow old as our CPF is insufficient.

    Question to ask is WILL our HDB flat fall in value if this nursing home is built near us? WILL there be demand for flats near nursing homes? If the value of the flats are to drop, then how much loses will one bear when its time to monetised the flat?

    If only HDB flats are built solely to roof the people and not as ASSET enhancement, we would not have reach this predicament.

    My 2 cents worth.

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