Singaporeans Say

IN THE article (‘Chinese-Singaporean divide a ‘mindset issue”; May 19), Mr Wang Quan Cheng, president of the Hua Yuan Association, the largest group in Singapore representing immigrants from China, highlighted that the widening gap between native-born Singaporeans and new citizens can be bridged only when both make the effort to get to know each other’s cultures better.

We cannot and should not hold on to judgments and opinions based on stereotypes of specific nationalities.

The online furore over the recent Ferrari accident escalated quickly as the story unfolded, and with it, the volume of xenophobic sentiment. Some netizens have turned their outrage into yet another opportunity to attack new citizens and foreigners.

We should have the good sense to dissociate ourselves from these xenophobic voices. This behaviour is not something to be proud of. It is not the mark of a gracious society – one based on justice and equality…

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