I have no regrets because service to the people is our belief – Mr Desmond Choo

  Desmond Choo Pey Ching 
Dear Friends, thank you for your many well wishes. I have not been able to thank you all personally. I owe a tonne of gratitude to you who have supported me throughout the campaign and the many months before that. I would have hoped to do better for you. But I have no regrets because service to the people is our belief. The results showed that we have embarked on a new beginning, and started on the process of change in Hougang. With your faith in me, I will continue to work hard to realize our vision. You have inspired me to carry on the journey. Thank you once again and hope to see you soon.

    Lawrence Wong
The voters of Hougang have spoken. Congratulations to Mr Png and I look forward to welcoming him in Parliament. Desmond and his team worked hard in the campaign, knowing it was an uphill battle. I am proud of what they have achieved, and I know they will continue to do their part to serve the residents there.

   Tan Chuan-Jin
To Desmond and his team, good effort and well done!
Congratulations to Mr Png and may he serve his residents well.
And the people of Hougang have chosen and we all should respect their choice.
Best wishes to all!

  Baey Yam Keng
Media asked Desmond if he’ll be back in 2016. He said he’ll be back on 28 May. Well said. Keep it up!
Congrats, Png. See you in Parl.

   Sim Ann 沈颖
Desmond, I’m proud of you. You have won many hearts, and I am sure you will continue to do so. 倍庆,你全力以赴,你的真诚和努力已打动许多人。有你这个朋友,我深感自豪。再接再厉!

  Denise Phua Lay Peng
The people of Hougang have chosen and we respect their choice. Desmond, you have fought the good fight and stayed the course till the last moment- congrats to you for that. And congrats to Mr Png for winning the BE.


Your Voice  :

  • Well said !
    I’m sad but not for you.
    It was an uphill task to begin with but you have fought hard and well. You and your team have done everything you could and can hold your heads up high.
    I feel sad for the 62% in Hougang who failed to realize what a great MP they just turned away.
    Press on and continue to walk the talk. Hougang will be won back one day!



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