Desmond Choo’s work has inspired others to join the cause, and serve the community in Hougang!

   Desmond Choo Pey Ching 

Received this wonderful news from Rotary Club. This will go a long way to help the needy elderly residents in Hougang. Now, another 50 households can benefit from our Friendlier Homes Project.
Thank you Mr Tapan Kumar Rao for delivering this great news!
Your Voice : 
  • Funds do not drop down from the sky, WP MPs should stop complaining and blaming others for their lack of funds. If one is really serious about helping others like Desmond Choo is, one will have to work hard to raise the needed funds.
  • This is ACTION.
    Working hard to raise fund from private org, not simply asking government.
  • WP cld have done this for Hougang instead of sitting on their hands, collecting their 15k each then blame the Govt for not doing anything for the people of Hougang.
  • LTK keep saying the WP cannot do more for the residents because they lack funding. Why isn’t the WP working with organization such as Rotary Club?
  • He never asked the Party for funds. He never used tax payers money. There was no involvement from the Government. He approached his own resources to fund his plans and ideas. This Rotary Club letter is a good testimonial. Please, consider just one vote for him.
    The Worker’s Party has had 20 years to do this.
    Mr. Choo did it in one.

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