While WP’ s Png Eng Huat is busy declaring he didn’t want NCMP seat ….

First, this

Excerpt : 

In an exclusive interview with Channel NewsAsia on Monday, Mr Png revealed he was against the NCMP scheme.

He said this stand goes back to the time when the NCMP scheme was introduced.

He did not wish for a government to dictate on the number and type of opposition members in Parliament.

Mr Png added that before the GE, he had made the position clear to The Workers’ Party’s Secretary-General Low Thia Khiang and the party.

At a rally on Sunday night, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean had asked the Workers’ Party why it didn’t send Mr Png to parliament as an NCMP when it had a chance to do so.

Mr Png said: “I actually took my name out of the ballot for the NCMP post. Because I have a personal stand against the NCMP scheme, so that’s why my name wasn’t in the ballot. So I don’t think DPM knows all of these.”

Mr Png was part of the Workers’ Party team for East Coast GRC in last year’s GE.

Source : I took my name out of the ballot for NCMP post: WP’s Png

Then, this, a double confirm by Gerald Giam? 

Source : Statement from Png Eng Huat on why The Workers’ Party did not send him to parliament as an NCMP after last year’s General Election

Now, this :

Source : 宣称是自己不考虑当非选区议员 匿名信指方荣发所言不实  

Loose translation 

Png Eng Huat said he didn’t want NCMP seat,  Is Not A Truth ( from an anonymous)

It was before news release for the day, a record of the meeting minutes within WP was received, the record shows that their central party committee did send Png 1 vote for the NCMP seat.

Png, WP’s candidate for Hougang by-election, claimed that he did not want the NCMP chance, it wasn’t because the party didn’t vote for him.

Sylvia Lim : WP will respond today. They will respond to the information provided by the anonymous author. 

Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security and Minister for Home Affairs Mr Teo Chee Hean mentioned at Desmond Choo’s rally that he questioned why WP did not send their best candidate to Hougang for the by-election. It was because in GE2011, WP lost in East Coard GRC contest but held 3rd highest votes, WP had the opportunity to send 1 NCMP into parliament. But, WP didn’t not nominate Png, they chose Gerald Giam instead.

Mr Teo says, if Hougang was so important to WP, why they sent into parliament someone who was not even considered initially? If WP really did not even nominate Png, out of a sudden they now want Hougang residents nominate Png into parliament, it is really unfair to Hougang residents.

page 2
Png said, right from the beginning he don’t support the idea of NCMP. “I do not wish the decision to come from government, how many opposition members do we need in parliament, or what kind of opposition members we should have in parliament.”

“This is why before the GE2011, I told WP secretary-general Mr Low and our team in East Cost GRC, I will not consider NCMP role.”

Png responded to reporter via email that WP did not openly inform media about their campaign in the ward.

It was in the information provided by the anonymous author with the record of WP CEC minutes as of May 12, 2011, that there was a meeting about NCMP, and Png did not object and request for removing his name from the NCMP nominations, the evidence shows that Png has lied about it.

Furthermore, it was the anonymous author who said that “it was a very hard decision for me to write to press about it. To choose between my party or Singapore, I have to make a really tough decision. I decided to choose country for my loyalty, and not my party which has become opinionated.”

“Over the last 1 year, I have not been feeling good, watching what the party has experienced, I cannot remain silent.” I strong believe we have to be righteous and trust as values for the party, but it looks like we are lacking that.

The record of meeting minutes gives clear details of the process of WP CEC ‘s accepting 2 NCMP. First NCMP seat given to Yee Jenn Jong, who held 2nd highest votes in Joo Chiat. The 2nd NCMP seat got to be selected from those who lost in East Coast GRC team, who held the 3rd highest votes.

Eric Tan who lead the East Coast team said in their meeting that he hoped to be selected for the NCMP role. But WP secretary-general and chairman Sylvia Lim told him that they wanted to renew the party, asked him to give way to younger members. Finally, they decided to use voting.

When Yaw Shin Leong brought up, they should allow the other East Coast team members including Png Eng Huat, Gerald Giam, Mohammed Rahizan nin Yaacob and Han Su May to speak up, but Sylvia Lim said that the other members have already declared their position.

Also in the meeting minutes record, Gerald Giam got the highest score with 7 votes, Eric Tan Heng Chong got 5 votes, Png got 1 vote.

The minutes record did not have the signatures of the secretary general or the chairman, media team were trying to reach WP at 11pm last night, they hoped to get a response from WP to confirm the validity of the minutes, Sylvia Lim responded on cellphone that WP will officially respond today.

Reporter from the media has also tried to reach Eric Tan Heng Chong, but he has not responded.

Later, Sylvia Lim : WP will respond today


Link :   Fabrications About The PAP


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