Png Eng Huat: Clarifications and misstatement

Yesterday, Png Eng Huat said he does not believe in the NCMP program and did not put in his ballot.

(…and today, I took out my pride also)

Today, they kena pao toh. Party confidential material was leaked to the press – showing that Mr. Png did indeed have his name there in ballot.

Very fast, in the afternoon he make another statement.

(…so easy wor…..)

In short, he got ballot yes, but people force him to ballot lah.

(The prata man was no match)

“But to ensure that I don’t get voted, I made my stand again clear to the East Coast team, to secretary-general (Low Thia Khiang) and to a few other members to ensure that I will not be selected for the NCMP post,” Mr Png added.

Nevermind lah hor, 人在做,天在看 (credits to Chen Show Mao for this statement)

Source :  Five Star & a Moon ~ Png Eng Huat: Clarifications and misstatement


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