Indonesian duo develops eye-tracking Android app to help the physically disabled communicate.Inspired by Kwa Geok Choo, the wife of Singapore first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew

Co-Founders Josep and Ridwan in Sparxup Awards
Co-Founders Josep and Ridwan at Sparxup Awards

In order to help immobilized and mute people converse with each other, Josep William Widjaja and Ridwan Djuhari dedicated their lives to develop abilities augmentation products.

Inspired by Kwa Geok Choo, the wife of Singapore first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew and the story of how the couple still communicated with each after Kwa’s severe stroke in 2008, the duo decided to help the handicapped and vulnerable gain back control, independence, and improve their lives with physical computing technologies.

Aibilities is one such instance. DokterKita (DoKita in short; “Our Doctor” in English) is their second product, which targets the general market. It is a telemedicine app where one can receive consultation and healthcare services from respective doctors. The beta app is currently looking for more doctors – maternity, infant health and nutrition specialist to join their network.

Also known as “ANDTechnology”, the duo, who knew each other ever since their university days, initially focused on assembling hardware to solve this problem. However, they later realized that implementing hardware-based solution was not practical since consumers would be unwilling to buy a hardware, which is priced higher than merely acquiring a mobile application.

They then turned into developing an eye-tracking Android app in order to provide a communication platform for those experiencing movement disabilities.

The team then went onto to win the Android Samsung Mobile Apps at SparxUp Awards last year and have devoted the Eye Control app in Samsung Market exclusively for six months. Even before its official approval, the app has already been garnering several positive response and heavy users. The Lite version is completed and available for download without any charge.

Strategic partnerships with Ikatan Dokter Indonesia (IDI) Jakarta Barat have also been established. ANDTechnology received certain amounts of commission resulting from the managment of doctors’ database and developing of their membership portal. Another tie-up is with Lab Wira, where they help the health lab in moving various medical tests and results to the cloud database and providing the users with web and mobile access.

“Realistically speaking, we plan to hit around 1000 users for Eye Control and 5000 users for Dokita this year. If the user responds positively, new features such as remote control for television or air-con and SMS with the ability in sending fixed-sentence messages will be launched soon afterward,” Widjaja adds.

Unlike tyical startups in Indonesia, this duo does not ascribe titles such as CEO or CTO to themselves. They believe that the appropriate time comes when “product revenue grows till a point where the management level calls for a proper organizational structre.”

Currently, Widjaja is heading the technical strategical direction whereas Dhujari is in charge of product development. They both work together on the company vision, goal, milestones, market research, analysis, and the execution plan.

Source : Indonesian duo develops eye-tracking Android app to help the physically disabled communicate


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